Friday, May 19, 2017

Special Prosecutor Gives Trump Risk Without Reward. Plus, Where is Hillary Prosecutor?

Once again, the GOP does the honorable thing which Dems never do!

How many times over the past eight years did the GOP call for a Special Prosecutor to investigate Obama and Clinton scandals? Fast and Furious gun running to Mexican gangs, IRS targeting the Tea Party, Hillary's emails or Clinton Foundation funding, Wiretapping reporters, Stuxnet virus, Attorney General Holder lying to Congress. It's a long list. But Obama just ignored it all because he knew that the people who worked at the Department of Justice were personally loyal to him and the Democrat Party. No better testament to that could be seen than the meeting Bill Clinton had with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on her plane as the investigation to Hillary was at it's peak.

There is a MOUNTAIN of evidence to suggest real crimes were committed yet no Special Prosecutor was ever appointed. The same Democrats who are screaming about Trump and Russia without a SHRED of evidence just shrugged off those scandals. And the same people who demanded Attorney General Jeff Sessions recuse himself from any Trump-Russia investigation were only too happy to look the other way while Holder, then Lynch covered up for Obama.

Of course we know why Dems were so desperate to avoid a Special Prosecutor. They remember the witch hunt unleashed by Patrick Fitzgerald in the Valerie Plame affair. Her name was leaked by Richard Armitage at the State Department but he was never charged with that. Instead, the investigation became a way of paralyzing and punishing the Bush Administration. Vice President Cheney's Chief of Staff Scotter Libby was the only person charged for a crime wholly unrelated to Valerie Plame through a perjury trap that would never have happened if not for the action of a rogue prosecutor like Fitzgerald.

For many special prosecutors there is a real temptation to charge someone, anyone really, to justify the enormous power and expense of running such an independent investigation. And while the newly appointed former FBI Director Mueller has broad powers to investigate whatever he sees fit, it's extremely doubtful he will suddenly include Hillary and Obama scandals in that remit.

Finally, while the GOP has opened up a can of worms with this appointment that is full of risk, there is little to no potential for reward. It's likely that Mueller will find that there NO EVIDENCE of any Trump Russia collusion. Not one shred has been presented thus far despite months of leaks and investigation. And Mueller's appointment won't stop Democrats from fabricating new charges or repeating old lies about Trump. That's all they have. In the end, when Mueller exonerates Trump the Dems will just turn on him too and keep right on lying. They've gone this far to crazy town. They're not about to turn back now!

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