Tuesday, July 11, 2017

In Attacking Trump's Warsaw Speech Extolling Virtues of Western Civilization the Left Unmasks Itself

Whose side is the left on? Not the side of civilization, peace and freedom!

If the citizens of any nation have learned the lessons of history the hard way it would be the Poles. A country that had been divided by both the Nazis and the Soviets with the death camps of Nazi genocide a stain on their territory has a right to be acknowledged. So, when Trump spoke in Warsaw last week he invoked the Polish struggle for freedom from tyranny and their desire for peace and freedom and linked their victory to the wider struggle for peace in Western civilization.

Though Trump didn't call for an end to the "Evil Empire" his speech had a strong Reaganesque quality to it. For that reason and others the fusspots of the left in the U.S. hated it. Allow me to share a quick excerpt from the speech followed by the left's reaction.
TRUMP: I am here today not just to visit an old ally, but to hold it up as an example for others who seek freedom and who wish to summon the courage and the will to defend our civilization. (Applause.) The story of Poland is the story of a people who have never lost hope, who have never been broken, and who have never, ever forgotten who they are. (Applause)

AUDIENCE: Donald Trump! Donald Trump! Donald Trump!
Americans, Poles, and the nations of Europe value individual freedom and sovereignty. We must work together to confront forces, whether they come from inside or out, from the South or the East, that threaten over time to undermine these values and to erase the bonds of culture, faith and tradition that make us who we are. (Applause.) If left unchecked, these forces will undermine our courage, sap our spirit, and weaken our will to defend ourselves and our societies.

But just as our adversaries and enemies of the past learned here in Poland, we know that these forces, too, are doomed to fail if we want them to fail. And we do, indeed, want them to fail. (Applause.) They are doomed not only because our alliance is strong, our countries are resilient, and our power is unmatched. Through all of that, you have to say everything is true. Our adversaries, however, are doomed because we will never forget who we are. And if we don’t forget who are, we just can't be beaten. Americans will never forget. The nations of Europe will never forget. We are the fastest and the greatest community. There is nothing like our community of nations. The world has never known anything like our community of nations.

We write symphonies. We pursue innovation. We celebrate our ancient heroes, embrace our timeless traditions and customs, and always seek to explore and discover brand-new frontiers.

We reward brilliance. We strive for excellence, and cherish inspiring works of art that honor God. We treasure the rule of law and protect the right to free speech and free expression. (Applause.)

We empower women as pillars of our society and of our success. We put faith and family, not government and bureaucracy, at the center of our lives. And we debate everything. We challenge everything. We seek to know everything so that we can better know ourselves. (Applause.)

And above all, we value the dignity of every human life, protect the rights of every person, and share the hope of every soul to live in freedom. That is who we are. Those are the priceless ties that bind us together as nations, as allies, and as a civilization.
Our own fight for the West does not begin on the battlefield -- it begins with our minds, our wills, and our souls. Today, the ties that unite our civilization are no less vital, and demand no less defense, than that bare shred of land on which the hope of Poland once totally rested. Our freedom, our civilization, and our survival depend on these bonds of history, culture, and memory.

And today as ever, Poland is in our heart, and its people are in that fight. (Applause.) Just as Poland could not be broken, I declare today for the world to hear that the West will never, ever be broken. Our values will prevail. Our people will thrive. And our civilization will triumph. (Applause.)
A President who holds up the best of Western achievement and freedom; who could argue with that? Apparently, the hate Trumpers can. Here's a smattering of their smear of Trump's speech:
Are these paragons of the left so deluded by Trump hate that they distort a message of history, hope, family, faith and freedom into a racist tirade?

Reagan was on the right side of history when he called the Soviet Union an "Evil Empire." Trump is also. And the same people on the left who would have preserved the Evil Empire and the Berlin Wall are once again showing us who and what they really are. Un-American and ultimately the enablers of the enemies of freedom!

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