Monday, August 28, 2017

Carrying Signs Saying "No Hate" Left Wing Fascists Attack Peaceful Pro-Trump Gathering in Berkeley

The same news media that blamed Trump for saying there was violence on both sides are now confronting the facts!

Apparently the "no hate" "anti fascist" brigade thinks that they have the right, perhaps even a duty, to violently assault anyone who disagrees with their extreme left wing fascist fanaticism. It happened again in Berkeley California on Sunday at a rally for Pro-Trump supporters.

 Even the Washington Post had to admit that it was the left who started the riot. A story posted Monday at the Post with the headline: Black-clad antifa members attack peaceful right-wing demonstrators in Berkeley

Some photos from the Daily Mail:

"No hate?" So, why do you have to hide behind a mask? The shields were later used to
assault the peaceful pro-Trumpers.

Pro-Trumper being pepper sprayed by the left wing fascist mob.
Imagine if Trumpers did that to them!

Man attempting to document the left wing fascist violence is assaulted by masked criminal.

Left wing fascists continue to beat the man and attempt to steal his camera which may contain evidence to identify the criminals.
It's well past time Trump used the power of the federal government to investigate this lawlessness and bring these left wing fascist criminals to justice. Who is funding them? 

ARREST ANYONE with a mask!

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