Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Despite the Noise, Trump Agenda to Make America Great is Succeeding Already

Trump knows that if he succeeds in getting the economy moving it means he wins the political war!

None of the Hate Trump media will follow this, but to those of us who pay attention to larger questions than the sideshow offered by the  Democrats Daily Plan to Destroy Trump (bought and paid for by a foreign agent who once collaborated with the Nazis), Trump's leadership is already paying off for ALL Americans. Not just the rich who got richer under Obama while the Middle Class shrunk.

Gary Shapiro writing at Business Daily elaborates on the talking points below:
  • The stock market continues to break records
  • The job market is heating up.
  • Wages are rising. 
  • Businesses are investing more in the U.S
  • Our foreign positioning has improved
  • Trade policy and trade agreements can improve.
  • Americans are safer and more secure. 
  • America is fostering innovative new technologies. 
See the full article for details.

Apparently, Democrats will go to any lengths to block a plan from succeeding where there's have so evidently failed! 

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