Saturday, August 19, 2017

Three Separate Shootings, Two Cops Killed. Will Dems Now Repudiate Black Lives Matter or Just Blame Trump?

Killer in Kissimmee Florida ranted the left's hate speech about the KKK, Confederate monuments, Charlottesville and racism!

Two policemen killed, six officers shot in two separate incidents in Florida and another in Pennsylvania. Details here.

Sgt. Sam Howard (l) and Officer Matthew Baxter. Both ambushed
by man soaked in the hate of the Black Lives Matter movement.
In Kissimmee Florida, the suspect in police custody, Everett Glenn Miller, 45, aka Malik Mohammad Ali posted repeated rants on his Facebook page that sound like what you might hear at a rally by Black Lives Matter. Filled with hate and threats of violence. His Facebook page included graphics claiming the police were infiltrated by white supremacists. One of the officers he killed was black!

One of the hate graphics on Everett Miller's Facebook page.
Type the name of James Alex Fields into Google and you find 31,000,000 links to stories about his crime in Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend. Along with the stories you'll see his picture over and over and over.

How many stories do you think we will see about Everett Glenn Miller? How many times will his image be at the top of those stories? Here's his mugshot:

How many news stories will show you the face of this cop killer?
When President Trump declared there was violence on both sides in Charlottesville he was denounced universally by Democrats and Republicans. Now, we have a cop killer motivated by the same racist hate coming from the left that Trump described. Will Democrats, or even Republicans, denounce the hate and the groups that led to these murders? 

Will Obama, or Hillary sever all ties to Black Lives Matter? Don't hold your breath. They'll just find a way to blame Trump!

P.S. The shooter in Jacksonville Florida is a black, registered Democrat. Stay tuned as further details become available!

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