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Monday, September 25, 2017

Libs Who Attacked Tim Tebow and Christians for Expressing Their Beliefs Honor Instead Players Who Disrespect America

Funny how it's ok to dump on your country but it's not OK to show you love it!

Remember how the left trashed football star Tim Tebow? (1,2,3) He dared to express his Christian beliefs and was told by liberal Bill Press and others to "STFU!"

And what about Joe Kennedy, the football coach in Washington State fired from his job for praying at the 50 yard line?

Let's not forget the Dallas Cowboys players who were refused permission to express solidarity for the police massacred in their city when they requested to place a decal on their helmets.

But apparently it's OK to violate NFL rules requiring players to STAND during the National Anthem!

What's worse is that the same left wingers pushing their disrespect America message claim that President Trump is "divisive" for attacking the players that engage in this un-American behavior. Please. These overpaid jocks have been doing this long before Trump came on the scene.

These players are attacking the flag and the Anthem which are symbols of American unity. And they are doing so on the basis of race. It's the most divisive act imaginable!

If NFL players and some owners want to violate NFL rules and continue this divisive and outrageous behavior then they have only themselves to blame if fans continue to BURN their overpriced football memorabilia and boycott the games. Perhaps if these whiners get a pay cut down to what cops make they might learn their lesson!

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