Saturday, September 02, 2017

Trump Comforts Hurricane Victims & Delivers Aide While Left Wing Groups Divert Money from Victims for Political Causes

Even at a time of dire emergency the left still thinks of three things: politics, power and money!

Here is what Trump was doing in Houston on Saturday:

Meanwhile, here's what the political left was doing:

Left-wing activists launch ‘No Red Cross’ campaign, ask for donor dollars

Activists are discouraging Hurricane Harvey donors from giving to the American Red Cross and urging them instead to contribute to left-wing causes, some of which are advocacy groups engaged in little if any emergency relief work.

Linda Sarsour, a prominent Muslim and feminist activist, sent out a tweet encouraging donors to give to the Texas Organizing Project Education Fund, which conducts “direct action organizing, grass-roots lobbying and electoral organizing led by working families in Texas.”

“TOP is one of many organizations on this list you can choose to support,” Ms. Sarsour said in a Wednesday tweet that included the #NoRedCross hashtag. “Grassroots orgs on ground. Long term needed.”
Dissing the Red Cross and other actual relief agencies in a naked bid to divert money to left wing political activism has to be a new low even for the fascist left!

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