Sunday, October 22, 2017

Do Dems Care About Russian Collusion? Lift FBI Gag Order on Uranium One Deal Involving Hillary, Obama and Mueller

There is NO evidence of any Trump Russia collusion but there IS evidence of collusion and corruption about uranium deal. LET THE WITNESS SPEAK!

Our Trump hating friends insist that Trump is "Putin's Puppet."  When asked to provide any example of where Trump has done anything to benefit Russia they change the subject.  I wonder if they care about a case where there was a massive benefit to Russia?

Millions in payoffs including huge speaking fees for Bill Clinton, donations to the Clinton Foundation as well as bribes and kickbacks.  All part of a Russian scheme to control uranium that was enabled by the Obama Administration with Hillary Clinton playing a key role.  Former Federal Prosecutor Andrew McCarthy reviews the case in detail.

There was even a conviction, through a very generous plea deal, that was quietly hushed up by the very same prosecutor hired by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller to investigate Trump. Andrew Weisman, a bulldog of a prosecutor known for his aggressive prosecutions of high profile cases came off like a chihuahua in this case.

And  Special Prosecutor Mueller has his fingerprints on this Russian scandal too.  Why did the FBI put a gag order on the one witness who brought this information to light and prevent him from informing Congress and the public?

Looking into the matter Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) has demanded the FBI lift the gag order and allow the witness to speak. Why not if there is nothing to hide? But we are dealing with the deep state here and corruption at this level involving so many current and former officials will be a hard nut to crack. Isn't it time we had a special prosecutor to investigate the Special Prosecutor, the Clintons and Obama?

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