Sunday, October 29, 2017

Major News Networks Still Covering Up for Hillary and Attacking Trump. Imagine Trump's Success if Coverage were Fair

Shouldn't we ask whether Hillary is guilty of treason?

Remember the sheer level of hysteric coverage of the Donald Trump Jr. meeting with a Russian to discuss opposition research on Hillary?  The news broke this summer and the airwaves were filled with reporters, commenters and Democrats all shouting "TREASON."  One talking head said "this isn't a smoking gun, it's a smoking cannon."  See the montage here.

But then, as they often do, the facts slowly caught up with the manufactured hysteria and we learn from the actual memo prepared by the Russians for the meeting with Don Jr. that there wasn't much dirt being slung by the Russians. They just used that to gain access to push other policy objectives that are of little interest. Certainly nothing like the revelation that it was the Clinton campaign and DNC that funded a Russian dirty tricks smear operation that even infected the FBI and CIA.

But the media went berserk over Don Jr.'s news and basically swept the Hillary bombshell under the rug:

In all, there has been over a thousand minutes of Trump-Russia collusion stories on the major networks.  If placed on the graph below the amount of time networks spent discussing Hillary's scandals would barely show up.

Imagine how well Trump could advance his agenda if reporting of these various scandals were "fair and balanced?"  But that's exactly why the reporting is not. More evidence, not that any were needed, of a biased and corrupt media that will cover up wrongdoing by anyone with a (D) after their name.

What if the opinion of NY Post columnist David Harsanyi were given equal time in newsrooms across the country:
HARSANYI: Now, you might expect that the scandalous revelation of a political campaign using opposition research that was partially obtained from a hostile foreign power during a national election would ignite shrieks of “collusion” from all patriotic citizens. After all, only last summer, when it was reported that Donald Trump Jr. met with a Kremlin-linked Russian lawyer who claimed to be in possession of damaging information about Clinton, there was widespread condemnation.

Finally, we were told, a smoking gun tied the Trump campaign to Vladimir Putin. Former Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine went as far as to suggest that the independent counsel begin investigating treason.

Treason! Trump Jr. didn’t even pay for or accept research.

The Clinton crew, on the other hand, did. They didn’t openly push the contents of the dossier — probably because they knew it was mostly fiction. Instead, Fusion GPS leaked it to their friends in the media.
the dossier didn’t just awaken the Russia-stole-our-democracy narratives in the media. It’s just as likely that the dossier was used by Clinton’s allies in the government.

The Obama administration reportedly relied on the dossier to bolster its spying on US citizens. We know of at least one case where the information was used to justify a FISA warrant on a Trump adviser. And let’s not forget that Steele had reached an agreement to be compensated for his efforts by the FBI.
And at some point, Democrats will have to decide whether it’s wrong for a political campaign to work with foreigners when obtaining opposition research or whether it’s acceptable. We can’t have different standards for Democrats and Republicans.

Otherwise people might start to get the idea that all the histrionics over the past year weren’t really about Russian interference at all, but rather about Hillary losing an election that they assumed she’d win.
But of course we do have different standards for Democrats and Republicans.  Democrats know it and they use it to their advantage. Sadly, too many Republicans think that the best counter is to play nice and hope the media will treat them well. Just ask John McCain how that worked out in the 2008 presidential election!

P.S. Media Bias Mirrors Prosecutor Bias

As a final proof for our media bias narrative consider how the media would react if prosecutors of any potential Hillary wrongdoing included major donors to Trump and Republican campaigns. Keep the following fact in mind over the next few days:

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