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Friday, October 20, 2017

Samantha Power, Obama UN Ambassador Claims Someone Used Her Name to Spy on American Citizens

If true it's a staggering lapse in intelligence safeguards and worthy of a Special Prosecutor. Same if she's lying!

Can you imagine the media reaction if someone in the Trump Administration did something very suspicious and claimed that it was done by someone else using their name?  You would have to be very careful standing in front of a microphone as the stampede of Democrats demanding a Special Prosecutor would put you at risk.

But apparently when an Obama Administration official is asked why she unmasked a record number of Americans in highly sensitive intelligence matters and then claimed it was by someone using her name there is hardly a peep in the media.

Here's the story. You decide whether it merits an investigation. If not, I assume you're fine with Trump Administration officials spying on Americans!

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