Saturday, November 11, 2017

Something Rotten in Claims GOP Senate Candidate Moore Dated Underage Girls: Accuser Worked for Democrats!

The same bunch that bought and paid for a phony dossier accusing Trump of colluding with Russia wouldn't stop at manufacturing a hit piece on a candidate in Alabama!

After one of these bombshell media reports surfaces it usually takes a few days before the REAL story comes out. Same here in the attempt by Democrats to smear the GOP candidate in the special election for the Senate seat in Alabama.

First the accusations that Roy Moore dated younger women, even the uncorroborated charge that one was as young as 14.  Now we learn that one of the accusers worked for Democrats. Here's Debbie Gibson:

With Hillary

Vice President Biden

And Moore's Democrat opponent

That's just the short list. Gibson has quite a history working for Democrats and the photos to prove it.

Excuse me, but was ANY of that mentioned in the articles damning Moore? Not a word. In fact, the Post story which started it all denied that Gibson had ever worked for Democrat challenger Murphy.

Moore has been a statewide candidate many times and been a judge.  Now, surprise allegations from nearly 40 years ago surface at the last moment?

If you can't smell the dirt in this smear you need to see a doctor!

Sad Mitt Romney Gets in the Act

Failed GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney joined other weak kneed Republicans like fellow failed presidential contender John McCain in denouncing Moore. Romney said "Innocent until proven guilty is for criminal convictions, not elections." How good of you Mitt. Readers may recall Romney had his own experience with Democrat smears when he said he had "binders full of women." Perhaps he should have left the campaign then too. Then there's McCain' extra marital affair that led to the dissolution of his first marriage. Perhaps he should resign too!

Establishment Democrats and Republicans are desperate to keep Moore and any true conservative from rocking the boat in Washington. Moore better hire a body guard as there is nothing they won't do if you get in their way. Just ask former DNC head Donna Brazile why she feared for her life!

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