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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Dems Quake with Fear as GOP Unity Over Tax Cuts Shows What Trump Can Do Next!

Dems were so desperate to keep Americans from getting a tax cut while protecting tax cuts for the rich.  Success with tax bill means bigger and better to come!

For the last 30 years Republicans have been trying to pass tax reform for the American people. At every step along the way Democrats blocked the effort with the usual retort that it was "tax cuts for the rich."  How ironic then that in the final run up to passage of the landmark Trump tax reform that Democrat leaders like Pelosi and Schumer were demanding that tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires be preserved.  Well, I guess we know whose side they are on.

Beginning February 1, millions of Americans will see more money in their paycheck thanks to Trump and the Republicans.  Pelosi and Schumer fought hard to protect deductions for state and local taxes that ONLY benefited the rich. They lost. America won.

But let's put the champions of the richest 1% aside for a moment and bask in the glow of Trump and the GOP's tax success:

If you missed the event live, the video here is well worth the time. Just the optics of all these House and Senate Republican leaders gathering together and with unity praising Trump was something that should strike fear into the hearts of Democrats. What struck me first was Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, right up there with Trump. This comes just months after Trump bashed Murkowski for not supporting ObamaCare repeal. But Murkowski voted for this bill which not only included repeal of the hated ObamaCare mandate but also opened a very small sliver of the huge Arctic National Wildlife refuge to limited oil and gas exploration. That too was a goal of many decades.

Of all the praise for Trump the message from Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah was the best:

SENATOR HATCH: Well, Mr. President, I have to say that you’re living up to everything I thought you would. You’re one heck of a leader, and we’re all benefitting from it. This bill could not have passed without you. It couldn’t have passed without the Alaskan delegation. It couldn’t have passed without the leadership in the House and the Senate — Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell — and the other leaders as well.

All I can say is, is that we’re making headway. This is just the beginning. If you stop and think about it, this President hasn’t even been in office for a year, and look at all the things that he’s been able to get done — by sheer will, in many ways.

I just hope that we all get behind him every way we can, and we’ll get this country turned around in ways that will benefit the whole world, but, above all, benefit our people and bring us all to a realization of how really great America really is and how the rest of the world depends on us.

I love this country. I came from very humble roots. And I have to say, that this is one of the great privileges of my life to stand here on the White House lawn with the President of the United States, who I love and appreciate so much, and with these wonderful colleagues and Cabinet members who stand behind us.

And to see all of you and realize that you care too. All I can say is that God loves this country. We all know it. We wouldn’t be where we are without Him. And we love all of you. And we’re going to keep fighting, and we’re going to make this the greatest presidency that we’ve seen, not only in generations, but maybe ever.
Boeing and ATT lead the way in spreading the wealth!

In the immediate aftermath of the tax reform passage two of America's biggest companies are signaling that these are not "tax cuts for the rich" which Democrats defend, but will provide many more benefits to everyday working Americans.

The biggest worry for Democrats in all this isn't that they will be exposed for standing up for tax cuts for the rich, but that this demonstration of GOP unity will carry forward into the new year. Trump has learned how to lead his party and work with members of Congress. Nothing succeeds like success and Dems better watch out or get run over in 2018. As Trump said on the campaign trail, Americans are going to get used to winning again!

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