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Monday, December 11, 2017

Trump Hating Fake News Epidemic: If Trump Was REALLY This Bad, Why Does the Media Have to LIE About Him?

So sad that many on the left are addicted to lies and hate. But apparently, that's all they have!

Last week we reached a new low with Trump hating fake news. First, the phony charge that indicted former Trump National Security Advisor Mike Flynn had contacts with the Russians BEFORE the 2016 election. Ooops. Not true!

Then the report that Trump's banking arrangements were under subpoena. Fake news again.

Next, the claim that Wikileaks gave the Trump campaign a secret look at Hillary's emails. No one bothered to check the date on the email showing it was sent AFTER the documents had been made public.

Details at Axios.

There's a list of other examples which is long and growing.

A common thread running through all these reports is sensational reporting that would undermine Trump but where the careful checking which would have exposed the lie was ignored in a rush to target Trump.

If they weren't such ignorant and arrogant haters, you might actually feel sorry for the Trump hating fools who swallow this stuff then repeat it as if it were fact. They sold their souls for a lie and now they have to live with the consequences!

UPDATE:  Now CNN Admits Attorney General Sessions did NOT lie about his contacts with Russia. OOPS AGAIN! CNN reporters should be in jail for lying!

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