Sunday, December 30, 2018

John Kerry's Wall to Block Beach Access Near His French Villa to Shield from Terrorists. Doesn't Want Average Americans to Have Same Protection

Kerry would also deny Americans guns to protect themselves while he is surrounded by armed guards with automatic weapons!

Must be nice to ban the peasants from your beach because you are afraid of terrorists yet the rest of us not only can't use the beach but can't defend our own homes!

Meanwhile, fellow Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer was all in favor of building border barriers until it became politically expedient to oppose them.

Schumer: "Illegal immigration is wrong!"

Must be a racist right?

Death Threats and Hate Directed at Veteran, Triple Amputee, and His Children After He Starts Go Fund page to Build Border Wall

It's the season of giving and it seems the only thing the left gives is hate!

Unbelievable. But we've seen time and time again how much hate the left expresses on a daily basis to ANYONE who does not share their radical, fascist views!

Brian Kolfage is a triple amputee who lost both legs and an arm serving in Iraq.  He has a history of fighting censorship of conservative speech.  His latest venture is a Go Fund Me page to solicit contributions to build the border wall. As of Sunday it has raised over $18 million.

Just for exercising his right to free speech he has become a target of left wing fascists, who you see from other posts here are not shy about saying some really horrific things to those with whom they disagree politically.  But death threats to children have to be a new low.

From Gateway Pundit:

The left is OUTRAGED that Brian would have the nerve to help fund a project to defend America.

Gateway Pundit reporter Cassandra Fairbanks spoke with Brian earlier this week.

Deranged leftists have been sending triple-amputee veteran Brian Kolfage mountains of abuse after he was trashed by the Daily Beast, Jimmy Kimmel, Alyssa Milano and other high-profile liberals.
The hate mail provided to the Gateway Pundit contains appalling statements such as people asking if his brain was “amputated too,” calling him a “handicapped bitch,” telling him to commit suicide, wishing harm upon his children and mocking him for having lost his limbs while fighting for this nation.

"After Alyssa Milano and Jimmy Kimmel took it upon themselves to personally attack me it blew up in their faces. The left wingers took that as their dog whistle and began attacking me, my wife and our children,” Kolfage told The Gateway Pundit," Kolfage said.

On Thursday, Kimmel used his show to trash the nearly 260,000 people who have donated nearly $16 million to the GoFundMe in less than a week, calling them “dopey people” and saying that they are “dipping into their meth money.”

On Thursday night Brian Kolfage told FOX Business Network that since Kimmel’s attacks his wife and children have been receiving death threats.
Violence against conservatives is mounting every day in the United States as left wing fascists are emboldened by their leaders to take action. It's a good thing Trump supporters are more restrained. After all, they know how to shoot!

Left Wing Fascist Store Clerk FIRED for Assaulting Trump Supporter and Verbal Abuse

Where did these left wing fascists get the idea that THEY can decide who shops and who doesn't?  You know the answer...

If this was a Christian baker who refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding the bakery would be shut down and the entire staff put out of work. But at least this lunatic was ">fired. Clearly not the kind of person who should have any contact with the public!

Major pat on the back to Ian Ferguson, 36, who stood his ground and refused to be bullied, intimidated or threatened by this left wing cretin.

Months of Democrat leaders telling their supporters to confront Trump supporters, Hillary saying "no civility" and Antifa suggesting that violence against political opponents is justified is taking it's toll on the already limited sanity and intelligence of left wing fascists.

Time for police to start arresting these people for their own good before they do harm to themselves and others!

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Dems Previously Supported Border Security Now Play Politics with Immigration

If Hillary were President and wanted $5 billion for a wall Dems would insist she take $10 billion!

Since Sen. John Kerry famously said "I voted for the $87 billion before I voted against it" Democrats have continued to flip flop on important issues of national security whenever they determine their is political hay to be made.  Now, it's whatever Trump wants they are against.  Just like the old Marx Brothers tune:

The Marxist brotherhood in the Democrat Party has no shame in signing their version of that tune even if they are exposed as the most massive hypocrites and liars of all time!

Think back just a few short weeks to where several Senate Democrats in tight re-election races suddenly expressed support for Trump's border wall. Senators Nelson, Heitkamp, Donnely, McCaskill all said in the closing months of the 2018 midterm election that they would support funding for more border security including a wall. They continue to hold office until the new Senate is sworn in and could easily vote for the appropriation. But as expected, their words were empty promises. Same for Senators Tester and Manchin who survived re-election by promising to support Trump's plan. Where are they?

Then there are the Democrats who previously voted for border barriers with the Secure Fence Act of 2006 which promised 700 miles of double layer fencing. The second layer was never built. 80 Senators voted for that bill including Feinstein, Carper and notably Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Now in the U.S. Senate Chuck Schumer and Sherrod Brown, Ron Wyden and Debbie Stabenow voted for the 2006 bill as members of the U.S. House.

That's more than ten votes right there to overcome a filibuster if you are serious about border security. Or where those previous votes just political pandering in the same way as today's refusal to fund the wall?

Obama's 2008 presidential campaign stressed the importance of border security including barriers. Hillary was no different:
HILLARY: "I voted numerous times when I was a Senator to spend money to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in and I do think you have to control your borders," Clinton said.
One of the Democrats current objections to Trump's border wall is that it costs too much. Laughable once you consider that the new crop of the Marxist brotherhood have outlined tens of trillions in NEW spending without a hint of how it might be paid for. Newly minted Representative Ocasio Cortez wants $40 TRILLION in new spending on her pet projects yet denounces $5billion for a border wall as wasteful. Who does she think she's fooling?

Trump is right to stand strong on the border wall and expose Democrats spending hypocrisy. The American people are not as foolish and forgetful as Democrats believe. At least not the Americans who voted against these fools and have no intention of changing their mind!

Friday, December 21, 2018

The Same People Who Cheered When Obama Abruptly Pulled All U.S. Troops Out of Iraq Now Scream Because Trump is Pulling U.S. Forces Out of Syria

No matter what Trump does they will complain!

The generals and Obama's Secretary of Defense warned Obama not to pull all U.S. troops out of Iraq. He did anyway.  His defenders claim that we didn't have the Status of Forces Agreement to keep them there.  The same people said nothing when Obama sent U.S. troops BACK to Iraq without the same forces agreement.

Now, Trump is pulling U.S. forces out of Syria and the same people are complaining.... Hypocrites?  You bet!

They want Trump to leave troops in Syria to confront the Russians and the Iranians. But these are the same folks who insist who denounced Reagan for confronting the Russians and attacked President George H.W. Bush for tough talk on Iran.  Do they now want a war with Russia and Iran just because Trump does not?

Suddenly, the same people who have denounced nearly every move by Trump and his national security team which includes Defense Secretary Mattis are all hopping to use Mattis's resignation to bash Trump.  Once again, their hypocrisy is showing.

There are good reasons to maintain a strong U.S. military presence in the Middle East. But the minute Trump advocated for that these same people who are now showing the usual signs of hysteric over reaction would object to that too even if they had advocated for it the day before.

My advice to President Trump: do what you think is right. If I were President I would keep military options in the Middle East open. But of course the moment you do that these hysteric lefties will swear the sky is falling.  Don't pay them the slightest attention!

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Mueller's Office Erases 19,000 Strzok-Page Texts During Key Period in Investigation and No One Cares

Imagine if Trump were to answer a future Democrat subpoena by saying the information had been erased!

Last week the Department of Justice Office of Inspector General took the unusual step of issuing a special report describing how 19,000 texts, many between FBI lovers Strzok and Page who are at the heart of the get Trump cabal within the FBI and Special Counsel Mueller's office were deleted.

I gave this story a week to see if it had legs. It didn't. If it was mentioned at all it was so brief that I bet most people never heard of it. I have not heard any report that the 24/7 hate Trump media even bothered to mention it. But this is a significant key to understanding the entire cabal and their desire to get Trump no matter what.

We already know that FBI's Peter Strzok and Lisa Page sent a slew of messages on FBI phones describing the "insurance policy" and how it was being arranged with Deputy FBI Director McCabe. Their goal was clear:

If they couldn't stop Trump from becoming President their goal was to fabricate a situation that would lead to his impeachment. Strzok, Page, McCabe and Comey have all been removed from their posts with cause. Yet, Democrats continue to follow this plan.

The Inspector General's extraordinary report covers the period when both Strzok and Page were working with Mueller at a time when General Flynn and other figures in the Administration were being targeted for investigation. Failure to preserve these messages makes the effort to uncover the cabal that much more difficult. Sidney Powell, former federal prosecutor writes:
This was after the inspector general informed Mueller of the extreme bias of Strzok and Page evidenced by thousands of text messages on their phones. These messages were so egregious they required their termination from Mueller’s squad. Not only did Mueller hide this development from Congress, but he destroyed evidence on Strzok’s phone and allowed DOJ to do the same for Page’s phone. That’s a crime. Mueller put Paul Manafort in solitary confinement for simply trying to contact a witness.

Any ethical law Department of Justice official would have taken custody of all electronic devices of Strzok and Page immediately upon discovery of their extreme bias and blatant misconduct — or certainly upon their termination — and preserved all the evidence. For Mueller to destroy this evidence is blatant obstruction of justice that warrants his immediate termination. The same is true for Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein who was “overseeing” it at the time.
Mueller had an obligation to turn those devices over to the Inspector General's office for examination. Instead they were erased. Just another "bureaucratic snafu"? That's the description Bill Clinton used to excuse all kinds of convenient shady goings on during his time in office. Imagine if Trump tried that. Democrats would being impeachment proceedings the next day.

Saturday, December 08, 2018

Unmasked Already: Newly Elected Left Wing Fascist Fool Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Threatens Don Trump Jr. w/ Congressional Subpoena for Exercising Free Speech

If she were a Republican there would already be calls for her to resign in disgrace!

How many times have Republicans been made the butt of jokes? More than anyone can count. Saturday Night Live actually made people believe Sarah Palin said she could "see Russia from my house."  But it's not permitted to either criticize or mock Democrats. Even when they are as dumb as a box of rocks like newly elected Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The woman makes former V.P. Joe Biden, the previous champion gaffe machine, look intelligent by comparison.

And now, nit-wit Ocasio-Cortez has decided that being elected to Congress means she can abuse Congresses subpoena power to target those who make fun of her. Seems she might want to at least wait until she's sworn in before she starts threatening people with police state tactics.

Ocasio-Cortez Threatens To Retaliate Against Trump Jr. Over Meme, Twitter Explodes With Accusations Of Ethics Violations
A source close to Donald Trump Jr. says that they expect an ethics complaint will be filed.
December 7, 2018

Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez threatened to use the powers of her elected office to retaliate against Donald Trump Jr. on Friday after the president's son posted a meme trolling her on his personal Instagram account.

I have noticed that Junior here has a habit of posting nonsense about me whenever the Mueller investigation heats up. Please, keep it coming Jr - it’s definitely a “very, very large brain” idea to troll a member of a body that will have subpoena power in a month.Have fun! https://t.co/oQ6MsdJYCk
— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@Ocasio2018) December 7, 2018
Ocasio-Cortez's tweet came in response to this Instagram post from Trump Jr.:

Almost immediately, numerous political analysts, commentators, and pundits noted that Ocasio-Cortez's comments likely constituted an ethics violation.

"It's worth noting that the official House Ethics Manual explicitly prohibits the kind of threat that @Ocasio2018 just issued against @DonaldJTrumpJr for his refusal to support her political agenda," The Federalist's Sean Davis wrote on Twitter.

The House prohibition on the very kind of threat that @Ocasio2018 just made to @DonaldTrumpJr couldn't be clearer: lawmakers are "prohibited from threatening punitive action" against people/groups for not politically supporting the lawmaker. Ethics Committee should investigate. pic.twitter.com/NNIPp1vsyv

— Sean Davis (@seanmdav) December 7, 2018
A source close to Donald Trump Jr. told The Daily Wire that they expect an ethics complaint will be filed.

Here are some of the most notable responses to Ocasio-Cortez's tweet:

So, um, if he trolls you on media, then you're going to use the power of the government to come after him? That's not fascist or anything. https://t.co/82hOJp39Ua

— Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) December 7, 2018
So you stalk @DonaldJTrumpJr on Twitter and are now threatening to abuse Congressional subpoena power for a personal vendetta if he continues to point out the stupid things you say? How very progressive. https://t.co/y83M83NH55

— Derek Hunter (@derekahunter) December 7, 2018
"The new gestapo will come to us in the form of internet trolls led by a telegenic populist from one of the five boroughs." - Nostradamus https://t.co/zIBbAGEQcF

— ART TAVANA (@arttavana) December 7, 2018
Something tells me that if this happened, the media coverage would look different than Politico's story here. https://t.co/wbxYpAl0Ed

— German Lopez (@germanrlopez) December 7, 2018
My dislike for Jr is well-documented, but threatening a private citizen with a Congressional subpoena because he made a meme you don't like is one hell of a hot take. https://t.co/urxbAaSIbA

— Joe Walsh (@WalshFreedom) December 7, 2018
Sorry, did this fool just threaten to use the power of government to punish a citizen because he posted a meme? https://t.co/gnlpGAAiKs

— Brandon Morse (@TheBrandonMorse) December 7, 2018
Did you just threaten to subpoena someone for criticizing you? As a lawyer and former prosecutor I find this deeply troubling. https://t.co/OqIpBkbsIS

— Kimberly Guilfoyle (@kimguilfoyle) December 7, 2018
.@Ocasio2018, you come off as ignorant and uninformed.

Going to threaten all of with illegal retaliatory subpoenas because you’re too thin skinned to take that kind of criticism?

You are proving that you are far too emotional and immature to hold this seat. https://t.co/JHLnBBrhiT

— John Cardillo (@johncardillo) December 7, 2018

Where is Antifa? The group sworn to oppose fascism. Shouldn't they be all over this?  Well no... they are actually fascists too.  I just wonder how long Dems will continue to worship this fool who beclowns herself every time she opens her ignorant and uneducated mouth?

Friday, December 07, 2018

Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941. The Day Winston Churchill Knew We Would Win WW2

Britain's best hope for victory was realized when the "Great Republic" joined the fight!

Seventy-seven years ago today the fate of the free world was decided when Japan attacked the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Territory, on the morning of December 7, 1941. Up to that point and for some time after things had not gone well for Britain which fought mostly alone until the Soviet Union was attacked in June, 1941.

 The threat of German invasion hung over the British Isles only just fended off by the courage and skill of the Royal Air Force. Even with that success things were bleak as Britain's vital lifeline to it's Empire and America's manufacturing might continued to suffer huge loses on the Atlantic sea routes.

With the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor the pretense of America's neutrality was swept away and the growing alliance between Britain and the United States would continue in earnest.  Things were about to change for the better.

In his own words Winston Churchill describes the scene:
The Second World War
Volume 3: The Grand Alliance
by Winston S. Churchill
pages 606-607

IT WAS SUNDAY EVENING, December 7, 1941. Winant and Averell Harriman were alone with me at the table at Chequers. I turned on my small wireless set shortly after the nine o'clock news had started. There were a number of items about the fighting on the Russian front and on the British front in Libya, at the end of which some few sentences were spoken regarding an attack by the Japanese on American shipping at Hawaii, and also Japanese attacks on British vessels in the Dutch East Indies. There followed a statement that after the news Mr. Somebody would make a commentary, and that the Brains Trust programme would then begin, or something like this. I did not personally sustain any direct impression, but Averell said there was something about the Japanese attacking the Americans, and, in spite of being tired and resting, we all sat up. By now the butler, Sawyers, who had heard what had passed, came into the room, saying, "It's quite true. We heard it ourselves outside. The Japanese have attacked the Americans." There was a silence. At the Mansion House luncheon on November 11 I had said that if Japan attacked the United States a British declaration of war would follow "within the hour." I got up from the table and walked through the hall to the office, which was always at work. I asked for a call to the President. The Ambassador followed me out, and, imagining I was about to take some irrevocable step, said, "Don't you think you'd better get confirmation first?" In two or three minutes Mr. Roosevelt came through. "Mr. President, what's this about Japan?" "It's quite true," he replied. "They have attacked us at Pearl Harbour. We are all in the same boat now." I put Winant onto the line and some interchanges took place, the Ambassador at first saying, "Good," "Good" — and then, apparently graver, "Ah!" I got on again and said, "This certainly simplifies things. God be with you," or words to that effect. We then went back into the hall and tried to adjust our thoughts to the supreme world event which had occurred, which was of so startling a nature as to make even those who were near the centre gasp. My two American friends took the shock with admirable fortitude. We had no idea that any serious losses had been inflicted on the United States Navy. They did not wail or lament that their country was at war. They wasted no words in reproach or sorrow. In fact, one might almost have thought they had been delivered from a long pain.
No American will think it wrong of me if I proclaim that to have the United States at our side was to me the greatest joy. I could not foretell the course of events. I do not pretend to have measured accurately the martial might of Japan, but now at this very moment I knew the United States was in the war up to the neck and in to the death. So we had won after all. Yes, after Dunkirk; after the fall of France; after the horrible episode of Oran; after the threat of invasion, when, apart from the Air and the Navy, we were an almost unarmed people; after the deadly struggle of the U-boat war, the first Battle of the Atlantic, gained by a hand's-breadth; after seventeen months of lonely fighting and nineteen months of my responsibility in dire stress, we had won the war. England would live; Britain would live; the Commonwealth of Nations and the Empire would live. How long the war would last or in what fashion it would end, no man could tell, nor did I at this moment care. Once again in our long Island history we should emerge, however mauled or mutilated, sate and victorious. We should not be wiped out. Our history would not come to an end. We might not even have to die as individuals. Hitler's fate was sealed. Mussolini's fate was sealed. As for the Japanese, they would be ground to powder. All the rest was merely the proper application of overwhelming force. The British Empire, the Soviet Union, and now the United States, bound together with every scrap of their life and strength, were, according to my lights, twice or even thrice the force of their antagonists. No doubt it would take a long time. I expected terrible forfeits in the East; but all this would be merely a passing phase. United we could subdue everybody else in the world. Many disasters, immeasurable cost and tribulation lay ahead, but there was no more doubt about the end.
Silly people, and there were many, not only in enemy countries, might discount the force of the United States. Some said they were soft, others that they would never be united. They would tool around at a distance. They would never come to grips. They would never stand blood-letting. Their democracy and system of recurrent elections would paralyze their war effort. They would be just a vague blur on the horizon to friend or foe. Now we should see the weakness of this numerous but remote, wealthy, and talkative people. But I had studied the American Civil War, fought out to the last desperate inch. American blood flowed in my veins. I thought of a remark which Edward Grey had made to me more than thirty years before - that the United States is like "a gigantic boiler. Once the fire is lighted under it there is no limit to the power it can generate." Being saturated and satiated with emotion and sensation, I went to bed and slept the sleep of the saved and thankful.
December 7th should be celebrated as the day Britain and the world were saved from destruction and tyranny by a total partnership with what Churchill called "The Great Republic." Sadly, too often these lessons from history are forgotten and the horror repeats.

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

President Trump Honoring President Bush in Capitol Rotunda

President Bush specifically requested that President Trump be included. Take that Trump haters!

Monday, November 26, 2018

Dem's Radical Environmental Policy is Killing Thousands and Destroying California Air Quality and Woodlands

How ironic since these fools believe they are the ones trying to save the planet!

Dems have a long running ploy of accusing GOP policy of killing people.  Nancy Pelosi is famous for the laughable claim that GOP health care plans meant that "millions, hundreds of thousands - of people will die if this bill passes." Since ObamaCare/PelosiCare actually raised deductibles so high that people couldn't afford to use Dem's so-called insurance the joke was on us. How many died because they couldn't afford the deductible?

More recently newly minted gaffe machine Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who just won election to Congress though no one knows why insisted that "people will die" unless we take drastic action to address the over-hyped issue of climate change. That despite the NASA document showing that global temperatures the last two years have gone down and that extreme weather events are no where near the epic scaremongering practiced by Cortez and the great fraudsters of global warming. But don't tell Rep-elect Cortez that. She's "unapologetic about what [she] believes." Even if it's wrong.

Meanwhile, the same media that mocked Sarah Palin gives Ocasio-Cortez star treatment. She would win an Oscar for being a clown.

CA Wildfires a left wing production

The usual suspects have been hopping up and down trying to blame the California wildfires on global warming. When Trump points out that the fires are caused by bad environmental policies imposed by the left they hop even madder. But the facts speak for themselves. First, for the puppets who insist that fires are worse now than ever before, the federal government actually keeps records of such things. While the total acreage burned this year is yet to be tallied, past records show many years previously with large losses. No correlation to climate change at all.

Worse than the disinformation is the active campaign to suppress good forest management. Rep. Tom McClintock has proposed a bill titled the Resilient Federal Forests Act. Three years ago when he first brought his bill up he said:
REP. MCCLINTOCK: Excess timber comes out of the forest one way or the other. It is either carried out or it is burned out.

When we carried it out, we had healthy forests and a thriving economy.

We managed our National Forests according to well-established and time-tested forest management practices that prevented vegetation and wildlife from overgrowing the ability of the land to support it. Revenues from the sale of excess timber provided for prosperous local economies and a steady stream of revenues to the treasury which could, in turn, be used to further improve the public lands.

But 40 years ago, in the name of saving the environment, we consigned our national forests to a policy of benign neglect.

The results are all around us today: impoverished mountain communities and a devastated environment.
That devastation continues today and Democrats persist in doing everything they can to fight the passage of this bill. California continues to burn. It's not just a problem with federal policy but state policy in California too. Once again, radical environmentalists and Governor Brown led the way to more charred landscapes and death:
In 2016, Governor Brown vetoed a bipartisan wildfire management bill that had unanimously passed the state Assembly and Senate. For decades, radical environmentalists have demanded – and legislators, regulators and judges have approved – “wildlands preservation” and “fires are natural” policies. Tree thinning has been banned, resulting in thousands of skinny, fire-susceptible trees growing where only a few hundred should be present. Even removing diseased, dead and burned trees has been prohibited.
For more, see this excellent overview of the problem comes from California native Krystina Skurk at the Federalist.

Interior secretary Ryan Zinke didn't hold back:
"I will lay this on the foot of those environmental radicals that have prevented us from managing the forests for years. And you know what? This is on them."
The CO2 released into the atmosphere by these fires is the equivalent of over 1 million automobiles driving for a year. The degradation of air quality caused by other pollutants will have a huge impact on public health. Democrat environmental polices are killing people and destroying the land. Another case of left wing good intentions good catastrophically bad!

Friday, November 23, 2018

Are Mexicans Racist for Opposing Caravan of Illegal Immigrants?

These Mexicans sound an awful lot like TRUMP!

Democrats are once again playing politics with immigration policy by politicizing the judicial process to stop Trump's effort to block the illegal immigrant caravan from entering the United States. Instead of black Friday shopping, Dems went judge shopping in California to find a judge that would agree to overturn the national security policy of the United States in favor of illegals. Thanks!

Meanwhile, a caravan of trouble has shown up on our southern border. Oddly enough, the first people to object to their arrival are the Mexicans. The Mayor of Tijuana called the arrival of this caravan a "horde" while adding:
“Tijuana is a city of immigrants, but we don’t want them in this way,” the mayor, a member of the conservative National Action Party, said. “It was different with the Haitians, they carried papers, they were in order. It wasn’t a horde, pardon the expression.”
Gastelum called on the Mexican government to deport the caravan migrants as soon as possible.

“You’re going to tell me we have to respect human rights,” he said. “But human rights are for law-abiding humans.”Later, Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum went on to describe how this influx of illegals has imposed a great financial imposition on law abiding Tijuanians:
"I will not compromise public services," Gastelum told reporters from city hall. "I will not spend Tijuanans' money, I will not bring Tijuana into debt now, in the same way, we haven't done so these past two years."
Citizens of Tijuana have also expressed their disapproval. In an interview with Fox News, Mexican citizens had this to say:
WILLIAM LA JEUNESSE, FOX NEWS: Should this caravan had been stopped at the Guatemala border?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Of course, I agree with that 100 percent, it should have.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Your country has to beware of -- of these people because they are people -- they are bad people.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): Because they don't belong here. They're just migrants but it's like the same -- in the same case, it's like when Mexican migrants going to the U.S., they're undocumented.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We do know of incidences here in Tijuana and in other cities that some of these people that are coming into these -- with these Caravans are committing crimes.

This is not about racism. We don't dislike a certain group of people because they're from a country, one country or another. We are here because our government has not taken control of these, what we call invasions.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): Donald Trump was right. This was an invasion. What Donald Trump said was true. This is an invasion.

JUAN MANUEL GASTELUM BUENROSTRO, MUNICIPAL PRESIDENT, TIJUANA (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): No city in the world is prepared to receive this if I may. It's an avalanche. It's a tsunami.
It's that same "avalanche" that Democrats want to bring to communities in the U.S. where social services, health care and education are already stretched to the limit.

Let's put to rest the myths about this caravan of illegals that Democrats like to spread. 1. It's not just women and children but a preponderance of young males and 2. The entire enterprise, including transportation, food and health care is being funded by left wing open borders activists. And yes, there are a large number of criminals taking full advantage of the situation.
And of course once the caravan reaches the U.S. American taxpayers will be called on to foot the bill. Left wing activists won't be paying for the upkeep of illegals in YOUR neighborhood. YOU will!

Thank you so much Democrats. You are importing another group of uneducated, unskilled, illegal immigrants, most of whom do not speak English and cannot possibly assimilate into the American dream. We don't need to be a genius to know how that will end!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Trump Honored American War Dead in France

We do not forget their sacrifice!

Excerpt of remarks delivered on November 11, 2018 at Suresnes American Cemetery in Paris, France:
PRESIDENT TRUMP: Exactly 100 years ago today, on November 11th, 1918, World War I came to an end. Thank God. It was a brutal war. Millions of American, French, and Allied troops had fought with the extraordinary skill and valor in one of the bloodiest conflicts in human history.

We are gathered together, at this hallowed resting place, to pay tribute to the brave Americans who gave their last breath in that mighty struggle.
On this day, in the year 1918, church bells rang, families embraced, and celebrations, as you know, filled the streets like never before, in towns throughout Europe and the United States.

But victory had come at a terrible cost. Among the Allied Forces, more than one million French soldiers and 116,000 American service members had been killed by the war’s end. Millions more were wounded. Countless would come home bearing the lasting scars of trench warfare and the grisly horrors of chemical weapons.

During the final battle of the war, over 26,000 Americans lost their lives and more than 95,000 were wounded. It was the single deadliest battle in United States history. Thank of that — 26,000 Americans lost their lives in a battle.

Here on the revered grounds of Suresnes American Cemetery lie more than 1,500 U.S. service members who made the ultimate sacrifice in the First World War. Among those buried here are legendary Marines who fought in the Battle of Belleau Wood.

In that treacherous forest and the surrounding fields, American Marines, soldiers, and Allied Forces fought — and they fought through hell — to turn the tide of the war. And that’s what they did — they turned the tide of the war.

It was in that battle that our Marines earned the nickname “Devil Dogs,” arising from the German description of their ferocious fighting spirit. John Kelly knows that name, “Devil Dogs,” very well, John. Right?
Each of these marble crosses and Stars of David marks the life of an American warrior — great, great warriors they are — who gave everything for family, country, God, and freedom. Through rain, hail, snow, mud, poisonous gas, bullets and mortar, they held the line, and pushed onward to victory — it was a great, great victory; costly victory but a great victory — never knowing if they would ever again see their families or ever again hold their loved ones.

Friday, November 09, 2018

Here We Go Again: Dems Try to Steal TWO More Florida Elections. Suddenly Finding Ballots in Broward County as if by Magic!

Time to stop this nonsense and hold the elected officials responsible!

Florida Governor Rick Scott was declared the winner in the election for U.S. Senate Tuesday night.  But that didn't stop election officials in Democrat controlled Broward County (Fort Lauderdale).  They suddenly started finding ballots that they claim had not been counted.

Apparently, Broward is one of the only county in Florida that was unable to complete it's election tally Tuesday evening. Even counties devastated by Hurricane Michael were able to complete the task. But the real concern is that fraud is occurring.

How is it that tens of thousands of votes should magically appear and all to benefit the Democrats? 

Brenda Snipes, the Broward County Elections Supervisor has violated election law and practices on multiple occasions.
Florida Governor Rick Scott put out the following statement:
Late Tuesday night, our win was projected to be around 57,000 votes.

By Wednesday morning, that lead dropped to 38,000.

By Wednesday evening, it was around 30,000.

This morning, it was around 21,000.

Now, it is 15,000.

On election night, Broward County said there were 634,000 votes cast.

At 1 am today, there were 695,700 ballots cast on election day.

At 2:30 pm today, the number was up to 707,223 ballots cast on election day.

And we just learned, that the number has increased to 712,840 ballots cast on election day.

In Palm Beach County, there are 15,000 new votes found since election night.

So – It has been over 48 hours since the polls closed and Broward and Palm Beach Counties are still finding and counting ballots – and the Supervisors – Brenda Snipes and Susan Bucher (BOOKER) – cannot seem to say how many ballots still exist or where these ballots came from, or where they have been.
In Broward Snipes previously prevented a complete recount by destroying ballots. On Friday a judge ordered Snipes to allow inspections of all ballots. Whether she complies or not remains to be seen. Florida law enforcement has also been alerted. Let's hope this time they actually DO LOCK HER UP!

The same kind of funny business is going on in Arizona where magically the Democrat Sinema has pulled ahead of the war hero McSally in the senate race. Meanwhile, signatures on ballots DO NOT MATCH. Democrats up to their old tricks. Time to put a stop to it!

Left Wing Fascist Wage War on Media w/ Home Invasion of Fox News Host Tucker Carlson

Certainly not the return to civility Hillary Clinton promised if Dems won and she hasn't said a word about this!

CNN and the usual gang of Trump haters went into another fit of hysteria after CNN White House reporter Jim Acosta was temporarily banned from the White House after he physically pushed against a female White House staffer attempting to retrieve the microphone at a press conference with the President on Wednesday. Acosta had already asked several questions and refused to sit down and hand over the microphone when he pushed the young staffer.  People have been fired for less but that's only if they are Republicans.

But I can't find one of those so concerned with Trump's attitude towards the media who found anything like that level of concern when a left wing fascist mob went to the home of Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Wednesday evening and attempted to batter down the door.

Tucker Carlson has four young children at home!
No, the results of the November election did NOT satisfy the left and these fascists prove it. When Van Jones called for a "blue war" these Hitler youth took up the call. You would think that the cringing snowflakes so concerned for the treatment of media would be the first to put these left wing fascists in their place. But all we get is silence. Like the white powder attack on the wife of Donald Trump Jr., they probably think Carlson is just "getting what you deserve." This is the unchecked incivility from the left that is leading to violence and it has nothing to do with Trump!

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Despite House Loss Midterm Election Result Makes Trump Stronger

With stronger position in the Senate he can govern despite loss of the House and in a good position for re-election!

Here's the bad news. Republicans lost control of the U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday. With the final tally not yet completed it appears that the number of seats will be in line with the midterm average for losses of the party that controls the White House. Approximately a 35 seat loss is far below the 63 seats Democrats lost in Obama's first midterm election in 2010.

Notice what did NOT happen last night:

Handing control of the House to rabidly partisan and radical left wing Democrats is bad news for America. It means the campaign of hate and division which Democrats launched to undermine Trump's presidency will continue on steroids for the next two years. As bad as that is there are plenty of more hopeful signs.

Significant gains in the U.S. Senate for GOP

President Trump worked very hard the last month of the campaign to campaign in states for GOP candidates to unseat vulnerable Democrats. While the GOP didn't win every contest, they did make significant gains in the U.S. Senate. With two races yet to be determined the GOP will likely pick up three or four seats. It's important to note that every Democrat senator up for re-election in a state Trump won in 2016 and who voted against confirming Justice Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court was defeated.

Not only do these pickups bring new stars like 38 year old Josh Hawley in Missouri (watch this guy, he'll have a great future) but more GOP senators from conservative states will make it far easier for Trump to confirm more conservative judges and cabinet appointments in the years ahead. A stronger and more conservative U.S. Senate will also be the firewall of Democracy and a check and balance on the House's new radical leadership.

Michael Reagan, son of the late President Ronald Reagan summed it up perfectly:
Dems Florida Disaster

Another ominous sign for Democrats after Tuesday is their total wipeout in the key state of Florida. With conservative Ron DeSantis winning the governor's race against a socialist radical Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, and Rick Scott, the state's current governor winning a razor thin margin over long time Democrat Senator Bill Nelson, there is not one Democrat who holds a statewide elected office in Florida.

This has big implications for Trump's re-election in 2020 where the President will benefit from GOP control. A direct benefit will be that DeSantis will now be able to replace the progressives on the state's supreme court. Readers may recall it was this court which kept the unfair ballot recount during the 2000 presidential election going. As Obama was fond of saying: "elections have consequences." In Florida the former President tried very hard to support both Gillum and Nelson. Time for those consequences Mr. O!

Democrats made the mistake of dividing Florida voters on race. Failed challenger Gillum (who is black) answered every criticism by accusing his opponent of being a racist. It backfired big time with white voters coming out in droves.

Trump campaigned very hard in Florida and he'll have strong allies in DeSantis and Scott. Florida looks good for Trump's re-elect in 2020.

In Ohio, another key 2020 state, Trump helped Mike DeWine win the governor's office. Unlike Kasich who did nothing to help Trump, we might expect more from Mike.

Bye Bye Beto

In Texas, Robert Frances O'Rourke who tried to portray himself as an Hispanic by calling himself "Beto" massively outspent GOP Senator Ted Cruz, who is actually Hispanic. With over $59 million to Cruz's $33 million Robert Francis put on a good show but was defeated by 2.6%. It's likely we haven't seen the last of Robert Frances as the left wing media has dubbed him a star (we don't expect them to give Sen-elect Josh Hawley (R-MO) the same treatment and Hawley actually won). Robert Frances may have a few million left in the bank and may show up on the campaign trail. Democrats have to ask themselves: do we really need another white Irish guy running for president?

Bye Bye Barack

Heavily armed Black Panthers supporting radical candidate Stacey Abrams in failed Georgia gubernatorial bid.  Want to know where the hate in politics is coming from? 

Mentioned above was Obama campaigning for failed candidates in Florida. The former President was reduced to screaming and yelling in the Sunshine State while railing against Trump. He took that roadshow to Georgia also where he helped radical Stacey Abrams, famous for the support she drew from Black Panthers armed with assault rifles, go down in flames. Once again, the politics of racial divide, hate and hysteria failed!

UK columnist Piers Morgan writing in the Daily Mail summed up the problem for Dems:
If this blue puddle is the best the Democrats can achieve after two years of celebrity-fueled screaming, then they need a better plan for 2020 or Trump will drown them.

A Star is Born. Senator-Elect Josh Hawley Defines New Message for America: Defending a "Heartland" Way of Life

This message can win in most of the country where American values are still cherished!

If Josh Hawley (R-MO) were a Democrat he would be hailed by the media and feted by Hollywood celebrities. He's everything Democrats want in a candidate. Young, attractive and well spoken.  If he were a Democrat he would be instantly hailed as a potential 2020 presidential candidate. But because he's a Republican he won't get star treatment anywhere.  No doubt he may even get his own taste of the vicious, hate-filled harassment that has greeted other GOP officials.

But Hawley has a message that won't be silenced just because of media and celebrity derision.  His victory speech Tuesday night laid out a program for restoring American values to our political system:

Hawley's defeat of McCaskill was made possible by Democrats over the top opposition to the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Every Democrat running in a red state that voted against Kavanaugh was defeated on Tuesday night. They paid a huge price for the circus of lies and hate they created. And one thing we know, they haven't learned that lesson!

Dem Declares "Blue War." Civility NOT Returning Despite Dems Big Win

No one is surprised!

Remember when Hillary Clinton declared that there would be no civility until Dems win?  Well, they won big by recapturing the U.S. House on Tuesday and they are still filled with anger and hate.

Take for example Van Jones. On CNN he's one of their reliable voices to stir up hate and racial division and winning the House didn't stop him from his usual shtick:
VAN JONES: This is heartbreaking. The hope has been that the antibodies would kick in, that this infestation of hate and division would draw a response from the American people and both political parties to say no, no more.

That does not seem to be happening tonight. It is not a blue wave, but it is still a blue war. We've got to continue to move the fight forward. I think that sense of helplessness that has really fueled a lot of this outrage and outpouring from Democrats may still be there tomorrow, even if we have the House.
Talking about "war" the same evening you win an election for the House?  And they say Trump rhetoric is too hot?

China Hacked House Elections on Dems Behalf: Where's the Special Prosecutor?

I have absolutely NO EVIDENCE to support this claim but I'm sure the same Dems who have NO EVIDENCE linking Trump to Russia will join me in demanding an investigation right?

Monday, November 05, 2018

There Should Be a Special Place in Hell for Dems Who Fake Hate Crimes to Blame Republicans. But That Would Require a Media That Actually Held Dems Accountable. Don't Hold Your Breath!

No longer just fake news. Now it's FAKE CRIMES!

After neo Nazi graffiti was found at a synagogue in New York City a planned political meeting at the site was canceled due to a perceived threat. No doubt the media was all set to run another series of stories blaming Trump.

Except it turns out that the person who scrawled "die Jew rats" and "Hitler" at the synagogue is an intern at New York's City Hall working on hate crimes issues.  Can the media blame Trump for that?  

This episode joins a growing list of hate crime hoaxes perpetrated by those on the left who seek to blame Republicans for hate.  It's just as despicable as the women who falsely claimed that Justice Brett Kavanaugh raped them!

If you are tired of the racebaiting. Tired of the hate. Tired of the LIES, then vote Republican and teach these monsters a lesson!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Will Lightning Strike Twice for Trump? Midterm Election Looms

Expect surprises!

30 years ago in October 1988 President Reagan stands in front of the Wood County Courthouse in Bowling Green Ohio after Michael, on the staff of the White House Political Office recommended a  campaign trip to his hometown in Bowling Green, Ohio. Photo by Mike's America.
I've often recounted being a guest analyst on a Savannah, Georgia radio station the day before the presidential election in 2016.  At that time I supported the conventional wisdom that predicted a Hillary win.  It didn't work out that way when a massive red wave, that had previously overwhelmed Democrats in congressional elections overturned all the rules in the presidential contest.

Are we about to see history repeat itself or some new variation? Congressional elections in the United States take place on Tuesday November 6th. At stake is control of the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate. The seats at stake are local and state races but the contest has been nationalized with the Trump factor. 

The President has been travelling the country imploring his base to vote.  Massive rallies that dwarf anything Obama or Hillary could aspire to show that support for Trump remains strong.  But history shows that President's usually suffer loses for their party in the elections that occur between presidential terms. Hence, the appellation "midterm" election.

Democrats also want to make the election all about Trump. Their base, motivated by hate and anger for Trump has burned at white hot levels since Trump's election.  There is no denying that they are energized this election cycle. 

There was concern about Republican enthusiasm earlier this fall until the spectacle of angry mobs shrieking in the U.S. Senate and Dem's attempts to stop the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court  by making baseless sensational claims that Kavanaugh was a serial rapist in high school. Republican voters in early September were considered "complacent."  After Kavanaugh, no more.

Trump capitalized on the Kavanaugh kaos and at rallies his supporters hold signs with the simple message offering voters a choice "Mobs or Jobs."  There is also no denying that Trump's policies have sparked a miraculous economic revival in less than two short years. Lowest unemployment in history. Gains for all sectors of society. Do voters really want to turn back that clock?

House: conventional wisdom says it's lost

Taking historical and other factors into account the conventional wisdom says that Democrats win the 23 seats they need to take back the House.  That would hand Rep. Nancy Pelosi the Speaker's gavel for a second time.  A local candidate in the heavily Republican district in South Carolina where I live promises he will put people before party but everyone knows he along with other Dems running to unseat Republicans will vote for Pelosi despite their campaign pledges. Democrats don't seem to mind when their candidates lie to them.

How well Dems do depends on voter turnout.  They hope for a "blue wave" of angry Dems. They fear a "red wave" of Trump supporters. We won't know which way things go until Tuesday evening.

Senate: GOP to dominate. But how much?

While we do not know the likely final outcome in the House we do have a better idea about the Senate.  Republicans control the upper chamber with a current 51-49 margin. That's a razor thin majority which has led to compromises on Trump's agenda.  Republican gains would mean a clearer path for the Trump agenda and that's the likely outcome in races where the one third of Senate seats up for re-election this cycle are in more Trump friendly states.

Here's the chart from Real Clear Politics. Visit their interactive map to monitor polling in individual races. Pay close attention to the states in gray. Those are too close to call.

Here are the closest races:
Top Senate RacesRCP Average
FloridaNelson (D) +2.0Trending Down
MissouriHawley (R) +2.0
ArizonaSinema (D) +1.0Trending Up
NevadaHeller (R) +2.0
MontanaTester (D) +4.2Trending Down
IndianaBraun (R) +0.5
TennesseeBlackburn (R) +6.2Trending Down
New JerseyMenendez (D) +6.5
TexasCruz (R) +7.2Trending Up
MichiganStabenow (D) +9.7
MinnesotaSmith (D) +9.5
North DakotaCramer (R) +12.3Trending Down
West VirginiaManchin (D) +12.0

Conventional wisdom suggests a GOP pickup of at least two seats but more are possible depending on a red wave. I'd be happy with three and jumping up and down for four or more.  Both Nevada and Arizona are seats currently held by Republicans though in Arizona, there is no incumbent as Sen. Jeff Flake is retiring after GOP voters threatened to unseat him in the primary. 

I expect the GOP will retain Nevada and also win in MissouriIndiana and North Dakota. It's difficult to believe that Arizona voters will hand that seat to the hard left Sinema who protested the Afghanistan war in a pink tutu against Martha McSally, the first female fighter pilot who actually fought in that war.

Florida is also on the razor's edge as usual. Montana is also very close. Trump will be campaigning in both states in the final days.  There is also Democrat weakness in New Jersey where Dem. Robert Menendez barely escaped conviction for corruption in a scandal that involved underage prostitutes.

In a red wave, Democrats could also kiss seats in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan goodbye.  We shall see.


A Democrat takeover in the House would mean unending investigations of Trump. But with what result? We've already had two years of investigations and a Special Prosecutor who is speculated to be preparing a report that fails to condemn Trump.  That won't stop crazy Dems from demanding impeachment which they deny is their goal. But they can hamstring the Trump agenda.

A more solidly Republican Senate would blunt empowered Trump haters in the House. But without the House, advancing the Trump agenda would be in stalemate and the economy would likely suffer. Dems would then blame that on Trump before the 2020 elections.

If Dems win the House and the GOP is stronger in the Senate it will mean two more years of obstruction, hate and anger.  That situation might only be resolved in the 2020 election where Trump will likely be re-elected. If the House then flips back to GOP control America can move forward again.

Well off White Liberals Are Gentrifying Democrat Party and Alienating Minority Base and Blue Collar Voters #walkaway #blexit

Keep it up.  These folks won't be on the Dem Plantation much longer!

If thousands of people who formerly supported the GOP held a march in Washington you can bet CNN and MSNBC would be doing minute by minute coverage.  When former liberals from the #walkaway movement did just that on Tuesday I defy you to find much reporting, if any, on that event.

#Walkaway recovering liberals march in Washington, DC Tuesday. No longer on the Dem Plantation!
Meanwhile, the #BLEXIT movement to free blacks from the Democrat Plantation is picking up steam.  Why you ask?  Sudden converts to Trumpism?  Perhaps, but then more to do with the hard left tilt of the Democrat Party and it's takeover by rich white liberals.

For more, see this column in Politico by David Freedlander:
The Democrats’ Culture Divide
Energized progressives are thrilled with their momentum in the Trump era. But the party’s blue-collar base might not want what the new left is delivering.
Politico Magazine
By DAVID FREEDLANDER November/December 2018

New York's 14th Congressional District is more than 70 percent people of color, and 50 percent Hispanic. Ocasio-Cortez, who was born in the Bronx to a Puerto Rican mother, fit the district’s changing demographics, and neatly fit a larger narrative of a national Democratic Party in which increasing progressivism and diversity go hand and hand.

But a closer examination of the data tells a different story. Ocasio-Cortez’s best precincts were places like the neighborhood where Bonthius and his friends live: highly educated, whiter and richer than the district as a whole. In those neighborhoods, Ocasio-Cortez clobbered Crowley by 70 percent or more. Crowley’s best precincts, meanwhile, were the working-class African-American enclave of LeFrak City, where he got more than 60 percent of the vote, and portions of heavily Hispanic Corona. He pulled some of his best numbers in Ocasio-Cortez’s heavily Latino and African-American neighborhood of Parkchester, in the Bronx—beating her by more than 25 points on her home turf.

Ocasio-Cortez, the young Latina who proudly identifies as a democratic socialist, hadn’t been all but vaulted into Congress by the party’s diversity, or a blue-collar base looking to even the playing field. She won because she had galvanized the college-educated gentrifiers who are displacing those people. “It was the Bernie Bros,” one top Crowley adviser said as he surveyed the wreckage the day after the election. “They killed us.”

“He didn’t lose. New York lost,” says Moin Choudhury, a Bangladeshi immigrant and the president of a local political club, who credits Crowley for intervening several years ago to get a client of his out of immigration detention. “To have somebody in that position, a big leader in Congress, maybe a speaker who could represent us in Congress, to lose in that moment—New York lost. I don’t know what is going to happen next.”

What really changed in Queens, and what does it mean for the Democratic Party? The scenario has played out over and over again in the months since Trump was elected, and suggests a rift that the party has yet to grapple with publicly. Energized liberals, largely college-educated or beyond, have been voting in a new breed of activist Democrat—and voting out more established candidates with strong support among the party’s largely minority, immigrant, Hispanic, African-American and non-college-educated base.
Uncle Toms

Freedlander cites other examples across the country were minority candidates and leading Democrats with good records in the minority community have been pushed aside by new faces that are directly beholden to well off white liberals and not the minority community that they seek to represent.
As the party’s attention turns to the presidential nominating season, one of its biggest challenges will be navigating this culture war in its own ranks. The energy at the moment is with the liberal wing, centered around cities and college towns and on the coasts, its members mostly white and college-educated and far to the left on social and cultural issues compared with the rest of the party. But its voting majority is still more blue-collar and diverse, many of whom favor an incremental approach on social issues and who are more interested in preserving the clout of longtime powers like Crowley and Capuano than in notching symbolic victories for the “resistance.”
But there remains another possibility: that the split will prove to be more fundamental, that the party’s diverse base and its growing share of college-educated voters don’t have the same values or the same amount at stake—and that as Americans increasingly self-segregate, and even left-leaning elites close the gates of privilege behind them, that the party's wings will drift too far apart to unite behind anyone.
It can be hard to find Democrats who are willing to speak openly about these matters, cutting as they do among the fault lines of race and class. “For people on the left, the fact that black and Hispanic voters aren’t with them on everything is a huge source of embarrassment," said one social scientist, who asked to not be named in order to wade freely into the fraught territory of race and class in America.
As Democrats continue to go so far left and riding on the hate Trump crazy train it means that efforts to find a new way, one which will benefit Republicans becomes more and more viable. Long may it continue!

Marc Thiessen: Left Wing Hate Long Predates Trump. Time to Hold THEM Accountable?

And the left's thirst for political violence is nothing new either!

With both the Pittsburgh shooting and would be mail bomber the media and Democrats IMMEDIATELY blamed Trump. But don't you dare hold Democrats accountable for their rhetoric when left wing violence rears its head.

A column today by Marc Thiessen:
Our descent into vitriol began long before Trump – and Democrats are culpable too

WASHINGTON — After a deranged Democrat living in his van nearly assassinated Rep. Steve Scalise (R., La.), firing more than 70 rounds at House Republicans practicing for the Congressional Baseball Game, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, (D., Calif.) declared it "outrageous" that anyone would blame Democrats' rhetoric for inspiring the shooter. "How dare they say such a thing!" Pelosi thundered. Never mind that the shooter echoed Democratic vitriol against the president, ranting on Facebook that "Trump is Guilty & Should Go to Prison for Treason" and that "Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It's Time to Destroy Trump & Co."

Now Democrats are doing exactly what they condemned, blaming President Trump's divisive rhetoric for the recent spate of mail bomb attacks and the massacre at a Pittsburgh synagogue. The truth is they ceded the moral high ground years ago. Our descent into vitriol began long before Trump — and Democrats and their allies are as culpable as the president.
When Trump took office, Democrats abandoned their role as the "opposition" and declared themselves "the resistance." Look up "resistance" in the Oxford dictionary and you'll see the definition "the use of force or violence to oppose someone or something." William E. Scheuerman, professor of political science at Indiana University, notes the word resistance "first surfaces in debates about tyrannicide, the violent removal from power of misbehaving kings who usurp authority not properly belonging to them." Scalise would have been forgiven for pointing out that his would-be assassin took Democrats' calls to "resistance" literally.

More recently, some Democrats were peddling unfounded accusations that Brett M. Kavanaugh participated in gang rapes in an effort to destroy the Supreme Court nominee. Clinton defended smashmouth tactics, declaring that "you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for."

None of this excuses Trump's rhetoric, but it does make his Democratic accusers hypocrites. When you traffic for decades in hateful, violent political rhetoric, you have lost the moral authority to effectively condemn others for doing so. Indeed, Democrats arguably bear much of the blame for creating Trump. One of the reasons voters rallied behind Trump is precisely because, after years of seeing their standard-bearers act like punching bags, Trump presented himself as a counterpuncher who isn't afraid to fight back and give as good as he gets. The results are ugly. Trump is wrong to call the media the "enemy of the people" and to celebrate a congressman body-slamming a reporter, and the host of other terrible things he has said. But Democrats were dragging us into the political gutter long before Trump came along. If they think Americans elected a Frankenstein's monster, they are Dr. Frankenstein.
Thiessen includes a number of examples of violent Democrat rhetoric. Frankly, the list was way too short. Those with long experience can recall the hate directed at Presidents Reagan and George H.W. Bush. When it comes to hate, the left can't help itself. And they are NEVER held accountable!

Video Fake News Media Did NOT Show: Trump Visits Pittsburgh Hospital. Staff and Visitors Say "Thank You" "We Love You"

But the Fake News concentrated on the rent a mob which was bussed in to politicize the tragedy!

While CNN and MSNBC concentrated on the rent-a-mob protesting Trump and politicizing the tragedy in Pittsburgh, the REAL people had a different message.  Initially just walking past a group of persons held back in the hallway, the President and First Lady turned and thanked the group for their warm welcome.


The President and First Lady were accompanied by their daugher Ivanka, who coverted to Judasim and son in law Jared Kushner, who is Jewish. But that didn't stop the haters from blaming Trump for the anti-Semitism that motivated the killer at the Synagogue on Saturday.

Death Threats to Rabbi for Inviting Trump

The same people who blame Trump for inciting violence made death threats to the Rabbi Jeffrey Meyers of the Tree of Life Synagogue when he invited President Trump to visit the site of the massacre. Meyers also appeared on CNN and said this:

Should anyone be confused where the hate and violence is coming from just look and listen to the angry mobs of left wing fascists screaming and rioting. That hate has been a staple of the left for decades!
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