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President Donald J. Trump welcomes President Jair Bolsonaro of the Federative Republic of Brazil to the White House Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Happy Reagan's Birthday. Belated by One Day but Always a Good Opportunity to Remember a Great American President

Looking back, I can see similarities to Trump. Not least of which is the blind hatred the left had for both men as they made America great again with peace and prosperity for all!

Two years ago I gave a talk to a local Republican group honoring Reagan on his birthday. It was a full house.

I took a bunch of my favorite Reagan photographs that I have collected over the years and many which I took myself. My favorites are included in this post two years ago. Of all those it's hard to pick a number one favorite. The photos of me with Reagan are of course personal favorites, then there's the photo I took of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher with Reagan at the White House in 1988 or the President visiting my home town in Ohio on a visit I suggested and arranged.

But most of all, I like this one.  I took it in 1984 in Perrysburg, Ohio when President Reagan did one of the last whistlestop train tours.  That story and other are included in the birthday post from 2016.

Happy Reagan's Birthday!

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