Friday, February 16, 2018

Haven't You Wondered Who is Behind Online Left Wing Trolls? Special Counsel Should Investigate Possible Russian Backing for Left Wing Trolls on Conservative Blogs/Media

The Special Counsel should feel free to look at Mike's America and see if any of our left wing parrots are actually working for Putin!

Haven't you ever wondered where some of these left wing trolls  come from?  Especially those who seem to have WAY too much time on their hands or who have obvious foreign phraseology like "USA Americans."

Well, this might be a clue.  An excerpt from the statement of Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein:
The defendants posed as politically and socially active Americans, advocating for and against particular candidates. They established social media pages and groups to communicate with unwitting Americans.
The Russians also recruited and paid real Americans to engage in political activities, promote political campaigns and stage political rallies. The defendants and their co-conspirators pretended to be grassroots activists.
[T]he nature of the scheme was the defendants took extraordinary steps to make it appear that they were ordinary American political activists, even going so far as to base their activities on a virtual private network here in the United States so, if anybody traced it back to that first jump, they appeared to be Americans.
We KNOW Russians were funneling money to left wing environmental groups. Where they also paying left wing trolls to stir up trouble online?

For the record, Mike's America receives NO funding from any foreign or U.S. entity. I wonder how many left wing trolls can say the same?

UPDATE: One of the Anti-Trump protests funded by Russians.

Can we charge the Trump haters who participated in this "Blacks Matter" event with collusion because Russia paid for this?

Let's start with this guy, obviously COLLUDING WITH RUSSIA:

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