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Monday, March 26, 2018

Another Domino in Axis of Evil Wobbling: Iran Currency Crashes on Fears of Trump Appointment of Hardliners Pompeo and Bolton

And if Obama's appeasement had not pumped up Iran's economy with $150 billion in cash, Iran might actually be ready to make a REAL deal with Trump!

For a host of reasons I'm pleased with the replacement of Tillerson by Pompeo at the State Department and McMaster by Bolton as National Security Advisor. Trump is finally getting the team he needs for a strong assertive American foreign policy with no apologies.

The new attitude embodied by these personnel changes is already bearing fruit with a harder line towards Russia and increasing sanctions in concert with our allies. Positive change in the situation with North Korea is also encouraging. And now Iran:
AFP - The Iranian rial fell to a record low on Monday, breaking through the 50,000-to-the-dollar mark for the first time as analysts blamed uncertainty from Washington.

The rial has lost around a quarter of its value in the past six months, hitting 50,860 against the US dollar, according to Financial Informing Network, a trusted Iranian website for open market currency rates.
Iranians were reacting to worrying news from the United States, where President Donald Trump this month appointed hardline anti-Iran figures Mike Pompeo and John Bolton to senior posts in his administration.

Many analysts believe Trump will pull out of the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran when it next comes up for renewal in May, bringing back crippling sanctions.
Another bright spot in the appointment of Bolton? The left hates him. That means he must be doing something right. And unlike the Obama appeasement/payoff policy towards Iran, a hardline U.S. outlook means war with Iran is LESS likely! 

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