Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Trump Fires Sec. State Tillerson and Shuffles CIA/State Top Jobs. More Proof that Trump Will Make HIS Mark on U.S. Foreign Policy

Hopefully Pompeo will do a better job at draining the swamp at State!

President Trump announced the firing of Secretary of State Tillerson  Tuesday morning in a tweet. The move had been planned for months but the timing was right as it was clear Tillerson, who wanted to keep the job according to a Washington Post report, was out of the loop on Trump's plan for steel tariffs and meeting with North Korea.

Pompeo is said to have a good personal relationship with Trump. The two meet frequently with Pompeo delivering the CIA's morning briefing in person on a number of occasions.

Unlike Tillerson, Pompeo is not seen as part of the Washington establishment and it's hoped he would take a more active role in draining the swamp at the State Department which has always been a perennial problem for any Republican president.

Staff Turnover Concern?

The predictable media narrative will be that this is another sign of chaos in the Trump Administration.  There have been a number of high profile exits recently and since Trump took office. My view is different. Trump is not the usual establishment type President. He needs a staff that works they way he wants it to and there were bound to be growing pains.  Much better to have turnover that leads to a more effective Administration than one which keeps the wrong people in jobs to avoid negative comment if they were to leave.

And those who express concern about maintaining people in these key posts might ask Democrats in the U.S. Senate why they continue to block Trump nominees?

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