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When Grief Makes a Profit: Usual Suspects on the Left Rushed to Exploit Parkland Shooting Survivors For Their Own Gain

And woe to anyone who dares to question the motives behind those who say they support the students!

Former Georgia Rep. Jack Kingston got in a bit of hot water this week when he suggested that the Parkland students march on Washington was being orchestrated by left wing activists. Here's Kingston's tweet:
Kingston offers opinions on CNN (which so few people watch) and got an earful from the anchor and other guest in a segment here.

No one doubts that the survivors of the Parkland shooting are motivated to take action. And I don't impugn their motives. But to say that they are not being directed by the usual suspects on the left is laughable. On February 28, USA Today ran this story: "Gun-control groups team with students to turn Parkland shooting anguish into activism." The San Jose California Mercury News reports that Hollywood A-lister George Clooney is "a behind-the-scenes force in Parkland students’ March for Our Lives." Also, "behind the scenes" is a bevy of left wing groups including Everytown, Giffords, Move On, and Women’s March LA. Also involved is top notch Hollywood P.R. firm.

It's one thing for Women's March, which has now become a full time business to get involved. Perhaps they will redesign their famous vagina hats for this march. But why is Planned Parenthood part of the action?
Performing 330,000 abortions per year Planned Parenthood would be the last place anyone would go for advice on saving children. After all, the womb is supposed to be a safe place for the "growth and development of children" too!

Turning Grief into Opportunity and Profit

Student survivor Kasky can draw a crowd (of reporters) and raise money. But he can't be criticized? 

Meanwhile, the students keep talking. But to whom? Above is a photo of Jeff Kasky, supposedly speaking to students but note that all we see are photographers. Kasky is famous for telling Florida Senator Marco Rubio at CNN's Townhall that "it’s hard to look at you and not look down a barrel of an AR-15." Kasky went on to demand that Rubio stop taking campaign contributions from the NRA then added he is starting his own fundraising effort. Promising accountability and transparency where "Every penny is going to be accounted for." We've heard those promises before haven't we?

Kasky has raised over $3.5 million so far. Quite enough to pay for a march to Washington, but then all those left wing buzzards and Hollywood P.R. types will want their cut too. But Kasky isn't the only one raising money. The Democrat National Committee sent out a thinly veiled fundraising appeal while the bodies of students in Parkland were still warm. On Friday, the DNC took it one step further actually using an email from Sara Imam, a Parkland survivor for a fundraiser.

Survivors, the Democrat National Committee, Hollywood activists and Gun Grabbers all teamed up together! But don't you dare criticize the students. THAT would be political! Yes, let's forget about the incompetence of the FBI, local sheriff and the school system which swept the shooter's problems under the rug and blame Trump, Republicans and the NRA. That will stop the next shooting. Right?

P.S. Yes, Obama school rules DID allow shooter to go unnoticed!

Paul Sperry at Real Clear Investigations dug deep into the question of what role the Obama Administration "PROMISE" program played in helping Florida school shooter Nickolas Cruz stay off the no gun list despite all the police interaction with him.
Broward County adopted a lenient disciplinary policy similar to those adopted by many other districts under pressure from the Obama administration to reduce racial “disparities” in suspensions and expulsions. . . . In many of these districts, the drive to “get our numbers right” has produced disastrous results, with startling increases in both the number and severity of disciplinary offenses, including assaults and beatings of teachers and students.
A repeat offender, Cruz benefited from the lax discipline policy, if not the counseling. Although he was disciplined for a string of offenses -- including assault, threatening teachers and carrying bullets in his backpack -- he was never taken into custody or even expelled. Instead, school authorities referred him to mandatory counseling or transferred him to alternative schools.

By avoiding a criminal record, Cruz passed a federal background check in February 2017 before purchasing the AR-15-style semiautomatic rifle investigators say was used in the mass shooting. Just one month earlier, he was disciplined with a one-day internal suspension for an “assault” at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and evaluated as a potential “threat." It was his second offense for fighting in less than four months, but campus police did not make an arrest in either case -- as they typically did for repeat offenders under the district’s prior zero-tolerance policies, a review of the official “discipline matrix” used last decade reveals.

The upshot was that the lack of an arrest record made it difficult for police to confirm that Cruz was a proven threat and to intervene when they received call-in tips and complaints from neighbors, classmates and relatives about his stockpiling of weapons and desire to kill people, law enforcement officials say.
Thanks Obama. More liberal good intentions producing tragic consequences!

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