Friday, April 13, 2018

Former FBI Director Comey Reveals Entire Trump-Russia Nonsense Could Have Been Avoided Had He Told Trump Full Truth About DNC Funded Steele Dossier

Comey's book and interviews reveal an angry, petty man obsessed with his own self worth.  Still, we did learn a few things.

In an upcoming interview with former Clinton White House aide George Stephanopoulus on ABC former FBI Director and George had this exchange:

STEPHANOPOULOS (voice-over): Comey then asked to meet alone with Trump to warn him about that now-infamous Steele dossier, unverified information on Trump's ties to Russia, including allegations of Trump's encounters with prostitutes in Moscow.

COMEY: Called out to meet with a person who doesn't know me, had just been elected president of the United States. By all accounts, and from my watching him during the campaign, could be volatile. And I'm about to talk to him about allegations that he was involved with prostitutes in Moscow, and that the Russians taped it and have leverage over him.

STEPHANOPOULOS (on camera): Was there any choice there? Why, if this was salacious, and this particular part of the dossier unverified -- still unverified, by the way?

COMEY: Yes. So far is -- when I got fired, it was unverified.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Did you tell him that the Steele dossier had been financed by his political opponents?

COMEY: No. I didn't -- I didn't think I used the term "Steele dossier." I just talked to him about additional material.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Did -- but did he have a right to know that?

COMEY: That it had been financed by his political opponents? I don't know the answer to that.

I -- it wasn't necessary for my goal, which was to alert him that we had this information.
The ONE key factor in the entire dossier was that it was funded by the DNC. Comey knew it and concealed that information. Had this become public in early 2017 the entire Trump-Russia faux scandal would have been still born on the spot. We only learned the information about funding after months of congressional investigation.

But at least Comey admits that nothing in the phony dossier has been verified. Not one shred of it! And entire fabrication.

Lynch Lies?

Equally troubling is an obscure reference to the role played in Hillary email investigation by then Attorney General Loretta Lynch. From ABC News:
Comey writes that he felt obligated to take more of a personal role as the public face of the investigation rather than deferring to then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch – in part because of something involving Lynch that he cryptically refers to as a “development still unknown to the American public to this day.”

Exclusive: James Comey to give first interview to ABC News' George Stephanopoulos
In early 2016, the U.S. government became aware of information from a classified source, and “the source and content of that material remains classified as I write this,” according to the book.

“Had it become public, the unverified material would undoubtedly have been used by political opponents to cast serious doubt on the attorney general’s independence in connection with the Clinton investigation,” Comey writes, without further elaboration.
Concerned with Hillary's Legitimacy?

The final takeaway is this curious bit as described by the Washington Times:
In his book, Mr. Comey said he publicly announced the re-opening of the probe because he feared not doing so could make the future president look “illegitimate.”

“I believed it was my duty to inform Congress that we were restarting the investigation,” he writes about the October 2016 statement. “I would say as little as possible, but the FBI had to speak.”

Mrs. Clinton and her loyalists believe Mr. Comey’s announcement cost her the presidency, even though he re-cleared her before the election.

In a further reflection of how the political winds affected his decision-making, Mr. Comey acknowledges in his 2018 book that he might have handled matters differently had he known Mrs. Clinton would lose.

“It is entirely possible that, because I was making decisions in an environment where Hillary Clinton was sure to be the next president, my concern about making her an illegitimate president by concealing the restarted investigation bore greater weight than it would have if the election appeared closer or if Donald Trump were ahead in all polls,” he writes.

“But,” he wonders aloud, “I don’t know.”
"I don't know" appears to be a common refrain from a man who claims to have the truthful answer to every question. Nice that he didn't want to tarnish Hillary's win. What a shame he didn't have the same scruples when it came to Trump. Add this to the list of how Comey, et. al. treated Hillary and Trump very differently.

OIG Report Blasts Comey's Deputy

A scathing report (PDF) has just been released from the Department of Justice Office of Inspector General (OIG) describing the misdeeds of Comey's Deputy Andrew McCabe, recently fired. It was just a few steps from McCabe's office to Comey's. How long before the OIG releases the report on Comey? I'll bet that would be a more interesting read than Comey's bid to shade the truth with his self serving book!

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