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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Chess Masters: Connecting the Dots to MI-6 and the Phony Trump Russia Conspiracy

In the U.S. We're focused on Obama deep state Trump sabotage. But the story has international legs!

A note first before we begin:  It's a complicated story with multiple plot twists. Many of the players involved are masters of subterfuge who are expert in misdirection and covering their tracks. But as with all complicated plots it's impossible to cover up all the evidence.  This week a big shoe dropped in the Trump-Russia hoax which leads directly to a bevy of MI-6 former(?) agents, Australians and Americans.  The details are complex. I attempt to summarize but also to provide additional resources for those who wish to take a deeper dive into the murky waters of the deep state.

Hillary and DNC Emails Start Ball Rolling

The whole mess starts with Hillary Clinton's 30,000 deleted emails and the "hack" of the email server for the Democrat National Committee. Timeline for this chapter begins in September 2015.  Interesting that the FBI, who knocked down the door of former Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort in the predawn hours and shoved his wife to the ground with a gun pointed at her head showed no interest in obtaining the DNC server for evidence or analysis that might lead to the culprit.

Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy notes:
The fons et origo of the counterintelligence investigation was the suspicion — which our intelligence agencies assure us is a fact — that the Democratic National Committee’s server was hacked by covert Russian operatives. Without this cyber-espionage attack, there would be no investigation. But how do we know it really happened? The Obama Justice Department never took custody of the server — no subpoena, no search warrant. The server was thus never subjected to analysis by the FBI’s renowned forensics lab, and its evidentiary integrity was never preserved for courtroom presentation to a jury.

How come? Well, you see, there was an ongoing election campaign, so the Obama Justice Department figured it would be a terrible imposition to pry into the Democrats’ communications. So, yes, the entire “Russia hacked the election” narrative the nation has endured for nearly two years hinges on the say-so of CrowdStrike, a private DNC contractor with significant financial ties to the Clinton campaign.
McCarthy goes on to document the double standard in treatment of Hillary's legal problems in comparison to how Trump has been treated by the FBI. Hillary's accomplices were given immunity and allowed lawyer client privilege. Trump's lawyer's office was raided and minor subordinates held to the very strictest interpretation of the law but that's a subject for a later day.

So now the email issue is out there. The chess board is set up and the game is on.

Pawn in the game: George Papadopoulus

Early in his presidential campaign Trump sought to bolster his foreign policy credentials by putting together a team of foreign policy experts. Papadopoulus had previously been listed as a volunteer for the suspended Ben Carson campaign and was available to help fill the roster. There isn't anything significant in his background to recommend his inclusion. The Huffington Post called him "little-known, little-qualified." He was soon to make up for his lack of experience.

Chess Masters at Work: "The Professor" and a Clinton Connection

"The Professor" (left) meets with British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. If meeting this guy is a crime why isn't the Foreign Secretary in jail?
After being named to the Trump advisory panel Papadopoulus was contacted by the first of the shadow figures, Joseph Mifsud, otherwise known as "the Professor."  He's got a shady past with ties to Russia, but also to British intelligence. Both the Professor and Papadapoulus worked at the London Center for International Law Practice, itself a dodgy operation that has shifted premises five times in three years and where few people actually seem to work.  Sound like a front operation in a James Bond movie? It gets better.

Mifsud not only is photographed meeting with the U.K. Foreign Secretary but also with Claire Smith of the UK Joint Intelligence Committee. He also worked with Saudi intelligence. But perhaps most interesting is his connection to associates who had ties to the Clintons. Not the last time we'll hear that in this story. One associate, Gianni Pitella even campaigned in the USA for Hillary Clinton.

Into this web walks young Papadopoulus. On March 14, one week after joining the Trump advisory panel Mifsud, "the Professor," approaches his target and strikes up an acquaintance. Six weeks later on April 26 later he tells Papadopoulus “the Russians had emails of Clinton...They have thousands of emails.”

Chess Master: The High Commissioner. Spy and Clinton Ally!

Jump forward to May 4 when an article is published in the London Sunday Times in which Papadopoulus criticizes British Prime Minister for calling Trump “divisive, stupid and wrong” for Trump's policy of vetting Muslim immigrants to the United States. Papadopolous demands an apology. What he gets instead is a visit with another chess master.

Shortly after the Sunday Times story comes out Papadopoulus gets a call from an assistant to Alexander Downer the Australian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, the American equivalent of an ambassador. Downer wants to meet George. What was portrayed in the media as a chance encounter at a London bar was anything but. Media reports, no doubt coming from Downer describe Papadopoulus as drunk and talking smack about Russia having Clinton's emails. Downer is reported to have told Papadopoulus to "leave Cameron alone." Downer also relays what he learns back to his government which leaked the information to the FBI triggering the counterinelligence probe.

What's left out of most the press reporting of this chapter is the connection Downer has to top former MI-6 officials in a firm with strong Clinton connections. But we don't need to speculate on that. we have $25 million being directed by Downer from Australia to the Clinton Foundation. A picture may say a thousand words, but $25 million says it louder!

Chess Master Downer. Tight with MI-6 and personally arranged major donation to the Clinton Foundation.
So, there's poor George dropped in it. Set up by the Professor and turned over to the FBI by the High Commissioner. But we're not done yet.

Chess Master:  Another Professor and Another Clinton Connection

High Commissioner Downer also has a connection with the next character in our story, Stefan Halper. Both shared a panel at Cambridge University where Halper is a professor focusing on intelligence and U.S. national security issues.

Suddenly in September 2016, Halper sends Papadopolous an unsolicited email and invites him to come to London, all expenses paid and write a paper on issues related to Turkey, Cyprus, Israel and the Leviathan natural gas field. While in London, Halper questions Papadopolous about the Hillary emails. Chuck Ross with the Daily Caller reports:"Halper made an out-of-left-field reference to Russians and hacked email." “George, you know about hacking the emails from Russia, right?” Papadoplous is reported to have responded he knew nothing.

Readers will not be surprised to learn that Halper is quoted as saying that a victory for Hillary in the election "would be best for US-UK relations."

Halper is also reported to have contacted other Trump campaign officials including Carter Page, another pawn in the game. One other long time associate of Halper's deserves special attention...

Chess Master: MI-6 Former Chief Dearlove

Dearlove, the man with the Bond name. Former head of MI-6 and Ring master or another puppet in the circus?
A guy with a Bond movie name is our nominee for puppet master behind the scenes. Or at least behind the scenes in London. He's former MI6 chief Sir Richard Dearlove, closely linked with Stefan Halper. He also has ties to Richard Steele, the former MI-6 Moscow Bureau Chief who wrote the infamous Steele dossier. Dearlove may have advised Steele on how to proceed with the dossier.

Some have concluded that "all roads lead to London" in this affair but we can't discount the back channel to Washington and especially to Brennan at CIA.  Dearlove is a former station chief of British intelligence in Washington. He certainly would have excellent contacts within the Obama deep state. Some surmise he's the ringleader  but I'm still open to the thought that he's just taking orders from elsewhere.

Trump to Rip the Mask Away

The following tweet was sent on Sunday:
Stay tuned!

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