Friday, June 22, 2018

Accountability? Dems Incite Violence Towards Women and Children Including Rape, Paedophilia and Murder.

Apparently it's ok as long as you hate Trump!

Comedian Roseanne Barr was fired from her hit TV show after one mildly racist tweet.  Dems painted the entire GOP as racist based on that one tweet.

Days later, Dem TV celeb Samantha Bee attacked Trump's daughter Ivanka as a "feckless cunt."  Shortly after she was given a prestigious award for "inspiring" and "advanding social change."

So much for the change.  No doubt this was the inspiration has been actor Peter Fonda looked to as a model:

Fonda has a new movie coming out.  SONY has announced it will not be canceled. No doubt Fonda is angling for an Oscar.  Imagine if ANY Republican had said anything even remotely similar about children and women!

Fonda's followers are already acting on his advice to "scare children and make them worry" by publishing a list of ICE Agents online.

Responding to Fonda's hate was a tweet from Donald Trump Junior to which a Canadian TV writer responded with a further threat:

Trump with granddaughter Chloe.
Like Fonda, Dassault hasn't been fired either. When will he be getting an award?

Meanwhile, another Dem, Laurence Key, called the office of his Congressman Brian Mast(R-FL) and said: "If you’re going to separate kids at the border, I’m going to kill his kids." Key, a Democrat activist, was described by friends as a "gentle soul." He also supports Planned Parenthood so killing children is nothing new to him. No doubt he'd like an award too. The difference between Key and Fonda is that Key is in a jail cell where he belongs.

We've already seen examples of left wing hate turning to violence when Bernie Sanders supporter James Hodgkinson attempted to massacre GOP Congressmen at baseball practice or the man who attempted murder at the Family Research Council. Both motivated by the daily diet of hate they read and hear on liberal media and at the Southern Poverty Law Center which ironically has assigned to root out hate on the internet!

Rape women, kill children, pedophilia?  Apparently it's OK as long as you direct your pathology at Trump and his supporters. Heck, you might even get an award!

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