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Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Lock Him Up! All Roads in Trump Spygate Lead to Obama

Put the former President under oath and hold him accountable to the law with the same scrutiny that Democrats demand of Trump!

If Obama did everything "by the book" he surely won't mind being subjected to the same scrutiny as Trump. Right?
A curious thing happened just moments after Donald Trump was sworn into office as the 45th President of the United States. The Obama Administration's constitutional power ended precisely at noon on Friday, January 20th 2017 as Trump took the oath of office. Yet Obama's National Security Adviser Susan Rice was still at her desk and sent a very unusual email to herself.

Rice, best known for her infamous repeated lie that the Benghazi attacks that killed U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens and three other Americans was caused by a You Tube video, sent the unusual email to herself using the White House email system at 12:15 PM. A full 15 minutes after the Obama Administration's authority had expired.  That's curious enough, but the content of the note even more so.

The email memorialized a meeting that was held in the Oval Office 15 days earlier between Obama and key players in the Trump-Russia affair. Here's the note:

This meeting came two days after then Attorney General Loretta Lynch had signed an order making it possible for the National Security Agency to share raw surveillance information on Americans with 16 other intelligence agencies.

Rice's need to document that Obama wanted everything done "by the book" and insisting he wasn't "instructing or initiating" any action towards Trump seems not only odd but self serving. Especially since the email also documents the Obama team reluctance to share information regarding the Russia probe with Trump.

The meeting with Trump happened the day after this White House meeting and we now know that FBI Director Comey did as he was instructed and did not share the full details about the provenance of the dossier, especially the key tidbit that it was paid for by Hillary Clinton's campaign and was totally unverified. Instead Comey focused on the sensational fiction that Trump hired prostitutes in a Moscow hotel to pee on the bed once slept on by Obama. After that meeting with Trump the Steele dossier was leaked and the entire phony Trump-Russia storyline was born.

Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy has done a great job exploring the the claim of Susan Rice to do it "by the book:"
Consequently, Rice’s “by the book” bunkum is transparent: Obama officials claimed to adhere to a book that forbade consultations between political leaders and investigators. But here they were consulting. So Rice tried to cover the tracks in her email: She revises history such that the consultation morphs into a mere friendly reminder that Obama wanted everything done by the book. He was certainly “not asking about, initiating or instructing anything from a law enforcement perspective,” no siree.

We might counter that people who have lived “by the book” for eight years would not have to remind each other to go “by the book.” It would go without saying.
FBI Agent: "The White House is Running This"... Obama "Wants to Know Everything"

The Rice claim that Obama wasn't "initiating or instructing anything" in this affair is debunked by the secret texts top FBI official Peter Strzok sent to his  mistress FBI Lawyer Lisa Page in which he suggested "The White House is running this."Another text between the pair described how Obama “wants to know everything we’re doing.”

Senators Charles Grassley(R-IA) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) both chairmen of Senate committees with oversight on these matters sent a letter to Rice with a number of very specific questions about the email. The only response received was a letter from Rice's attorney which dodged specifics and attempted to explain the unusual timing of the email by suggesting Rice was just  busy earlier.  Yeah. right!

If Obama and his top officials have nothing to hide wouldn't they be the first to demand a special prosecutor be appointed to prove their innocence?  Let's put Obama under oath and apply the same scrutiny to him and his aides that is currently being directed atTrump. If they've done nothing wrong they would surely agree right?

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