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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Trump Referendum in GOP Congressional Primary in Mike's America District. TRUMP WON!

If Dems want to run against Trump in the fall midterm election be my guest!

Here at Mike's America we had a primary election on Tuesday. I cast my vote for Katie Arrington to replace Rep. Mark Sanford as my Representative in Congress. I never expected Arrington to win. Sanford was massively funded and had excellent name identification. But Sanford did one thing that made all those advantages irrelevant. He bashed President Trump one too many times. We can all forgive some jabs at Trump before he was the GOP presidential nominee, but after that, if you don't support Trump you may be held accountable to primary voters. This is a warning to all Republicans who serve in conservative districts.

Arrington will win the November election and I welcome her as my new representative!

Draining the swamp one election at a time!

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