Tuesday, July 17, 2018

More Evidence in the Indictment of Obama and the Dems Treason on Russia

A Party of Treason.  Dems Conspired to Aide Russia

More evidence of Obama and the Democrats efforts to help Russia.

First, a reminder that this is Obama and the political party that:
  1. Stopped U.S. energy development wherever possible. This includes pipelines and offshore drilling as well as anti-fracking efforts which were subsidized by Russian funding.
  2. Weakened NATO by canceling missile defense agreements with Poland and Czech Republic at the demand of Putin.
  3. Obama caught on open mic declaring he would have "more flexibility" to help Putin after the 2012 presidential election.
  4. When invaded by Russia, Ukraine asked Obama for weapons. He sent socks.
And who can forget this gem from the 2012 presidential debate.

That was followed by a chorus of every top Democrat saying the same thing. They even turned it into a campaign ad:

Remind me again which American political party is soft on Russia? If you're going to start unrolling the rope for Trump you better order a whole bunch more!

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