Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Three Black Interns Kicked Out of Uber by Trump Hating Driver. Where's the Outrage?

Left wing fascists are also racists. Who knew?

Blacks targeted for being Trump supporters!
Another passenger in the car, 33-year-old Adria Barrington of Tallahassee, who is interning for Arizona GOP Rep. David Schweikert, said she found the experience frightening.

“Denying me service -- because I know we were denied service based on our political thoughts and views -- will not change my political thoughts and beliefs,” Barrington said. “Denying me service is only going to make me fight harder to prove to everyone that it is conceivable to be an African American and a conservative.”

Elijah Allison of Florida, the other passenger with a Trump hat, expressed disappointment over the incident. He is interning this summer in the office of Colorado GOP Rep. Ken Buck.

“To prejudge someone is not in the moral compass of America,” Allison said. “Even though we may not have the same political affiliations or other beliefs, we should be able to agree to disagree.”
Imagine if an Uber driver tossed out of his car a group of black Hillary supporters.  Protesters would be rioting nationwide.  But when a left wing fascist toss out three black students who support Trump, not a peep!

Is this what Rep. Maxine Waters meant when she urged her supporters to harass Trump officials and supporters?  Fascist KKK left wing racists!

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