Sunday, August 05, 2018

Another Freak Show in Oregon as Antifa Fascists Show Once Again Who the REAL Nazis Are!

If these people were not so violent, you might want to laugh!

So, not content to pollute the environment with tons of garbage and toxic waste in their earlier protest (as well as shouting the "N" word) the fascist left took to the streets of Portland, Oregon on Saturday to show once again what complete imbeciles they are. They claim they were simply "counter protesting" a right wing group to whom they deny free speech while claiming the right wingers are fascists. You be the judge.

Putin's Pawns!

First thing you notice are their faces covered to avoid detection by law enforcement after violent action. Second thing, the communist flag in center position should be a dead giveaway where their real motivation lies. Who is doing Putin's bidding here? As one observer points out
"If you're marching alongside people covering their faces with black masks while flying a flag that represents the industrialized slaughter of 100 million people, it's time to take a long look in the mirror."
Sorry, but if these people looked in the mirror they might be too embarrassed to walk out the door. Especially this bunch. While less threatening than the black clad goon squad I'm not sure what the purpose was for these folks other than to demonstrate the total silliness of the far left:

What the hell are these people doing?  Nobody knows!

But the freak show was just the usual left wing sideshow. The main event was to provoke violence. Even children were brought in to help. Teach them to hate while they're young:

These are not protesters seeking to express their right to free speech. They are goons. Nothing more than the NAZI brownshirts who roamed Germany in the 1930's attacking Jews, the scapegoat of the day.

Fortunately, after previous protests ended in violence when law enforcement was ordered to stand down, police were out in force on Saturday and kept the two groups separated. Violence was minimum.

While improving their handling of the protests liberal Portland city government proves once again why any business would be crazy to relocate there. No doubt the city has a generous welfare program for any displaced workers!

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