Friday, October 05, 2018

Sen. Susan Collins Escorted Through Halls of Congress by Army of Guards After Threats and Harassment from Dems Who Say They Respect Women

Democrats have engaged in an obvious, hypocritical campaign of threats, harassment and intimidation TOWARDS WOMEN!

Perhaps after Sen. David Perdue was harassed in a bathroom Sen. Susan Collins decided she didn't want to take a pee while some raving lunatic left wing fascist was screaming, or worse, at her.

This is what Democrats did to Sen. Collins:

This is after a prolonged campaign of threats and vulgar messages directed at Collins. One caller to her Senate office told a 25 year old female staffer she should be "raped an impregnated."  And these are the calls coming from people who claim to be concerned with the treatment of women.

Dems tactics in the Kavanaugh Kaos have exposed how little they actually regard women. To Dems they are pawns in a political game.  Do they really believe women or is this just a smokescreen for their nefarious activities. Ask Juannita Broaddrick how many Dem Senators believe her charge, backed up AT THE TIME, that Bill Clinton raped her.  Dems didn't care.  

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