Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Mitt Romney Doesn't Get It: Those Now Praising His Criticism of Trump Never Did, Never Will Vote for Him

And Romney insults the people who did with his attacks on Trump!

I'm reminded of Cheryl Mills, who in defending Bill Clinton against impeachment said "an investigation never fed a hungry child."  Great line. Too bad Dems didn't really mean it. Ms. Mills would go on to help Hillary cover up the destruction of thousands of emails containing god knows what!

Sort of a round about way to bring us to Mitt Romney.  He seems to think that by attacking Trump in an op-ed in the Washington Post days before Mitt is sworn in as a Senator from Utah that he's standing for something.  Well perhaps he is. Once again Mitt is standing for Mitt and that's about it.  The results will be as disappointing as his prior forays into presidential politics and the country will be worse off again because of it.

Romney isn't achieving anything with this stunt than staking out a claim to be the latest Trump hating Republican in the U.S. Senate.  If only Mitt had fought so hard against Obama we might have been spared the last few years.

Sadly, foolish Mitt, like John McCain, will never get the votes from the left wingers now praising his conscience.  Does anyone really think that the Democrat media, including the Washington Post, which harped on Mitt's pranks in high school (a precursor to the Kavanaugh smears) would suddenly back Mitt if he were once again the GOP nominee?

Foolish Mitt!

Mitt Romney visits Mike's America November 2007.
Photo by Mike's America.
Why was I so uncomfortable standing eyeball to eyeball with Mitt Romney 11+ years ago after a campaign event on Hilton Head Island, SC?  I've been up close and personal with plenty of presidential candidates. And Presidents!

No, there was something else to it.  When I asked him whether he was a real conservative and how would his Massachusetts roots play in primaries in the South he said he was a "Yankee with southern values."  Riiigghhhttt!

Mitt did finally get the 2012 GOP presidential nomination then promptly blew the election because he was afraid to confront Obama or even defend himself in debates.  Nothing has changed.

Apparently the only thing Mitt is good for is attacking a Republican President.  He'll get lots of media kudos for doing so. But he won't get any votes. He accepted President Trump's endorsement of his campaign and now knifes him in the back. We need another Mitt about as much as we need more Bushes!

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