Thursday, February 07, 2019

Watching Dems Self Destruct After They Imposed the "Kavanaugh Standard" of Instant Guilt

It couldn't happen to nicer people!

By the definition set by the national Democratic Party elected Dems in Virginia are either racists or rapists.  Just months after Dems made the most outrageous accusations against now Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh for what they said happened during his high school years their tactic is coming back to bite them.

First it was "Coonman" (his nickname) Governor Northam who admitted being either in blackface or a KKK outfit then denied it. It looked like Northam would be forced to resign until allegations of sexual assault were raised against Lt. Gov. Fairfax set to take his place.

These allegations, are far more detailed than any of the vague and uncertain statements made by Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford. Vanessa Tyson, professor at Scripp's University and a fellow at Stanford University's Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences gives an account far more compelling. Read it here.

With Fairfax out of the running, that would leave the Attorney General Mark Herring. Except he too also appeared in black face. That leaves the Virginia Speaker of the House, a Republican. That can't be allowed so now watch as the zero tolerance policy of Dems takes another hypocrisy hit and the whole thing get's swept away. Don't you understand that we really need to be blaming Trump for this? Deflect, deny, lie.

It's amazing that any of these men still have their jobs. By contrast note that Michael Ertel resigned as Florida's newly appointed Secretary of State after a photo of him in blackface was made public. But Ertel was a Republican. Apparently it's OK for Dems to be racists and rapists!

Now, where are the Dems who insist that a woman must be believed and that no racism can be tolerated? Some have come out calling for Northan's resignation but remained mostly silent when they realized that it means the wholesale replacement of Dem leadership of a key swing state.

Once again, we see that Dem's vaunted principles are easily waived when it comes to holding onto power. Just as the Democratic women in the House chamber sat on their hands during Trump's State of the Union Address as he described efforts to stop over the border trafficking in female sex slaves. If it means Republicans benefit, Dems will oppose it!

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