Monday, February 17, 2020

Left Wing Fascists Threaten: "To Save our Country [Trump] Must Be Stopped" Leads to Dramatic Spike in Anti-Trump Violence

The real danger to our democracy is in plain sight on places like MSNBC!

Trump-Russia didn't work.  Mueller's investigation led by Demcorats saw to that. Trump the white supremacist didn't work. Blacks have seen the greatest economic gains in history resulting from Trump policies.  Then the impeachment farce blew up and Trump soared in the polls. But the perpetual machine of manufactured outrage barely skipped a beat. Now, it's Trump the dicator.

Whether it was the lame excuse that the GOP didn't allow any additional witnesses in Trump's impeachment trial (forget that Dems allowed the GOP to call ZERO WITNESSES in the House) or the Tweet where Trump pointed out the injustice of a severe sentence for Roger Stone which had already been reduced by the Justice Department before his comment.  No matter, Trump's a dictator and he's a threat to the freedom of every Democrat. Forget all the Bernie Bros praising Stalin and threatening to put conservatives in the Gulag.

So again on places like MSNBC and CNN where they lied over and over and over about Trump Russia; repeating it thousands of times.  Now it's the dictator who must be stopped no matter what the cost.

Take a look:

MADDOW: [T]he alarms ringing. What do alarms do? They are supposed to wake us up. Well, in this case, we are all awake. What do we do now that we`re awake? There`s no hiding the importance of what`s going on here. The country is well aware of what`s going on here. All the people in position to know how dangerous and bad this is have struck the alarm bell, right? And so, now, what do we do about it?

I mean, those things matter, but the worst collapse and the most
consequential collapse of the capital R rule of capital L law is when the
law becomes a tool of the political leader, or the power of the criminal
justice system and the law enforcement apparatus of this country is em
employed for the pleasure and the benefit of a president who is supposed to allow it to operate independently but we have now crossed the line on that. He told us he would do it. He has now done it, and all of the alarms have sounded. They are ringing incredibly loudly and we don`t know what comes next.

But what do we do next? What do we do now that we are awake to what`s going on?
The last time Rachel Maddow whipped up her audience the alarm bells rang in the head of James Hodgkinson who watched Maddow religiously and was also a follower of Bernie Sanders. He took a rifle and tried to murder GOP Congressmen at baseball practice and almost succeeded in assassinating House GOP Whip Rep. Steve Scalise. Had he succeeded in doing so a new dark chapter in our nation's politics would have opened. We dare not contemplate the consequences.

But once again Democrats at every level, not just on television, are pushing the attack button for their supporters. Look at what has taken place just in the last week.
The attacker in this case echoed the words of Maddow and the Dems "someone had to take a stand" as he attempted to injure, maim or kill Trump volunteers.
Again, these are events which happened in a single week. The message has gone out. The call to violence by the left is clear. What we see is deranged left wing fascism on a scale never before seen in this country. Yes, there is a clear danger to our democracy and it's coming from the Democrats who refuse to accept the results of an election!

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