Sunday, January 16, 2022

Biden's Base Begins to Desert Him as #Illegitimatepresident Implodes

Only a year in office and it's already a total disaster with no end in sight!

Look at the Quinnipiac Biden approval polling results below. It's an unmistakeable trend matched to a degree by every other poll. But Biden's trouble has to do with more than just losing independent voters and Hispanics. He's losing his base.

It was stunning that last week Biden went to Georgia and delivered a divisive and angry speech on voting rights. He accused those who do not support ending the Senate filibuster of being "traitors" who would align themselves with racists like former Alabama Governor George Wallace. Biden left off the part where he had previously praised Wallace and declared that his state of Delaware was on the side of the South in the Civil War. See more at National Review.

Biden used to brag about his segregationist past:

But there he was in Georgia on January 11, tarring anyone who dared to oppose an unconstitutional federal takeover of elections as undemocratic and racist. Of course Biden left out the part where Georgia's voting rules are actually more open than Biden's homestate of Delaware. Is Delaware still pining for the days of the confederacy?

The real indicator that something is seriously wrong with Biden's presidency came from the Georgia voting rights activists like Stacey Abrams and others who boycotted Biden's speech. When the President from your own party shows up to address your key issue and you find somewhere else to be it says something profound about Biden's lack of support. We're still waiting to learn what "schedule conflict" prevented Abrams from showing up. Strangely the news media has not been interested in getting an answer.

It's not just supporters of a federal takeover of elections who are upset. The divide in the Democrat Party goes much deeper:

Sen. Bernie Sanders moans how Biden's failure "demoralize[s] tens of millions of Americans.” The problem gets worse for Biden as he tries to appeal the extreme left in his Democrat base. As he veers left he loses independent and moderate voters who foolishly believed the media propaganda of Biden as a uniter and a moderate. 

 And of course everyone can see Biden's failures:
  • Abyssmal performance on Covid. Hundreds of thousands more dead than under Trump.
  • Worst inflation in over 40 years
  • Collapse of foreign policy. The disastrous withdrawal in Afghanistan.
  • Out of control border with a minimum 2 million more illegal crossings.
  • Supreme Court strikes down vaccine mandate for businesses.
  • Senate filibuster remains in place.
That's just the short list.  All of these failures are compounded by Biden's obvious cognitive difficulty: And the final nail on that cognitive coffin. He's mistakenly referred to VP Harris at least half a dozen times as President: And Kammy Harris isn't any better: Biden's only course has been to divide Americans further and spread hate and misinformation about the virus and his political opponents. His speech on January 6 was incendiary. Suggesting that the protest at the Capitol on that day a year ago was "a dagger at the throat of democracy." Harris likened the protest to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. Both of which saw thousands of Americans killed and led to war. The overblown rhetoric from these two is astonishing and unprecented. More so from someone who claimed to be a unifier. And now: Directing the FBI to spy on Americans based on their "ideology" is frightening. Of course BLM and Antifa will be exempt. Imagine if Trump had done anything similar!

The real danger to democracy here comes from a President and Vice President clearly unhinged and detached from reality. How far are they willing to go to stir up a crisis, attack their political opponents or get America into war to take the focus off their evident failures? Can democracy survive such an assault?

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