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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Military Families Speak Out for VICTORY!

Moonbattery, by way of Byron, discovered this great site to support our troops AND their mission: Military Families Voice of Victory

In an interview with Frontpage, Ray Davis, who co-founded the group with his wife Rebecca to show support for the troops describes the groups goals. They have three sons in the military who have and are serving overseas.

Here's an excerpt from the interview:

When the War on Terror first started it was about America and our way of life. We stood united Democrat and Republican. Now it seems as if every political group wants to use this war to move their agenda forward. There are groups out there that will use this to try and undermine support at home and bring about our defeat. Our military is still fighting for America and freedom. Military families need to unite and give an apolitical voice as to why we fight.
First I think we need to separate the antiwar movement into subgroups. First are the ones who get all their news from their local paper and the evening news. With a little patience and solid facts you can convince these people we are doing the right thing. Second are the people who are normally very patriotic but they are older, lifelong, die hard Democrats. They hate George Bush because he is a Republican and anything he does is wrong. It takes a mountain of effort to change their minds, but it can be done if you can get them to think beyond partisanship. Third are the "peace" groups. There is just no nice way to put it, they hate America and they hate any free society. They are an aggregate of anti-capitalist groups. For them it is not about peace but control. In their mind if they can control the United States they can control the world. The only human life that has any worth to them is their own. You only have to spend a few minutes in a debate with one of these people before you realize they are not peaceful people. They may have a polite peaceful veneer but underneath beats the heart of Joseph Stalin. For our troops their biggest enemy is a collective of terrorist groups. For those of us at home it is a collective of Marxists, communists, fascists, and Maoists masquerading as peace groups.
When you look at the history of the Islamo-fascist terrorist groups they almost all trace their roots to the Muslim Brotherhood, a group that fought with Hitler during WW2. This group embraced fascism, but realizing it would not be accepted by Muslims, it put a Muslim face to its ideology. They are to Islam what the KKK is to Christianity. The leaders of the terrorist groups share the same ideology as the "peace" groups in the U.S. They are only interested in control and the U.S. stands in their way.
Our goals are to expose the radical left for who they are: the allies to the terrorists. We want to give good solid facts on why we are in this war and why completing the mission in Iraq is so critical to winning the War on Terror. And last but not least to gather military families in a united voice, without political ties, to show support for our troops and the war they fight. Because as one Marine put it "If you say you support the troops but not the mission you aren't really doing us much good".

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