John Bolton

John Bolton

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Muther Sheehan Hectors Pregnant War Widow

This is what happens when you take on "absolute moral authority." Anything you say or do is ok if you think it supports your cause. We first saw that moral corruption at work when Muther Sheehan used the names of fallen soldiers without the permission of the soldier's family for her protest of crosses.

Now, the Muther is telling a widow, also a soldier, and nine months pregnant with the baby of her fallen soldier husband, that "Your baby is going to be fatherless for a lie."

Whenever I think these people can't get any lower, or more vile, they do. Sickening!

WIDOW: My husband was hit with a IED July 15th and died July 21st. He was part of the 325 unit out of Ohio. He was a Navy corpsman. He died two weeks before 21 Marines died out of Ohio. Everyone keeps saying Al-Qaeda is not in Iraq. Al-Qaeda took responsibility for the IED that killed my husband, and --

SHEEHAN: Well, sweetie, they weren't there before they invaded and opened the doors borders to the terrorists --

WIDOW: No, we don't know that, though.

SHEEHAN: -- that came pouring in.

WIDOW: No one knows that.

SHEEHAN: Yeah, there's been reports --

WIDOW: I served five years and, you know what? I'm going to have our baby in 12 more days, and if I do get called I will go back, and I will serve my country the way my husband would want me to. (applause) I am proud of my husband, because, you know what? You can't let them come back and not finish what we started.

SHEEHAN: You know what? Your baby is going to be fatherless for a lie, for two lies, weapons of mass destruction and terrorism. [see below]

WIDOW: My child will never be fatherless because his father is an angel and they know that, and they will know their father loved him more than anything in this world.

The above is a transcript from "The Big Idea, with Donny Deutsch" on CNBC. I haven't seen the video, but the audio was moving. The voice of the widow confronting Sheehan quavered with emotion while Muther Sheehan sneered at her.

Sheehan is a snake!

Transcript provided by Rush Limbaugh

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