Thursday, October 27, 2016

No Wonder They Didn't Prosecute. Workers at Department of Justice and Other Federal Agencies Donate Overwhelmingly to Hillary

A corrupt, rigged system!

More at The Hill.

Trump Still At SERIOUS Organizational Disadvantage in Key States. Makes ALL the Difference in Getting the Vote

I've warned about this repeatedly for YEARS!

In a close election boots on the ground with campaign staff and offices to organize get out the vote efforts makes the difference. With Trump behind in a number of key states he puts himself at a further disadvantage.

Note that Trump has NO offices in the key state of Arizona. A state he can't afford to lose.

For more comparisons, especially in the key state of North Carolina, follow after the bump....

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Clinton Corruption Machine Rolls On as Illegal Aliens are Enlisted for Her Campaign

Are we still supposed to believe Hillary wants border security and would enforce immigration law?

No doubt many of these Illegals for Hillary will also be showing up at the polls. After all, Hillary's campaign manager John Podesta said it was OK:

And yes, illegal aliens DO vote. One study found that 6.5% of illegal aliens did vote and that's just based on the number that admitted they did so. Overwhelmingly they vote Democrat and the numbers are large enough to sway close elections in key states. In Florida many people who were turned away from jury duty because they were non-citizens were found to be illegally registered to vote. In Virginia, run by the corrupt Hillary cronies, the Governor vetoed a bill that would have required reporting to election officials of those who were turned away from jury duty for being non-citizens but on the voter rolls. One Virginia county election board found 300 non-citizens on it's rolls. Democrats block every effort to report or prosecute these crimes all the while insisting that voter fraud is not a problem. Hey, if it's not a problem, why not encourage counties to remove illegal voters?

To Hillary, the rights and privileges of the average American citizen matter less than her power and she's proven time and time again that she will do ANYTHING to win!

Wife of #2 at FBI Took $675k Donations from Clinton Top Backer in Virginia

Wonder why the FBI didn't indict Hillary? Follow the money!

There is just SOOO MUCH corruption going on in Obama/Hillary world it's difficult to keep up with it all. Here's a new nugget:

From the New York Post:
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a longtime Clinton confidant, helped steer $675,000 to the election campaign of the wife of an FBI official who went on to lead the probe into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email system, according to a report.

The political action committee of McAuliffe, the Clinton loyalist, gave $467,500 to the state Senate campaign of the wife of Andrew McCabe, who is now deputy director of the FBI, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The report states Jill McCabe received an additional $207,788 from the Virginia Democratic Party, which is heavily influenced by McAuliffe.

The money directed by McAuliffe began flowing two months after the FBI investigation into Clinton began in July 2015. Around that time, the candidate’s husband was promoted from running the Washington field office for the FBI to the No. 3 position at the bureau.

Within a year, McCabe was promoted to deputy director, the second-highest position in the bureau.

McAuliffe's approach to Jill McCabe started five days after the first revelation that Hillary Clinton might be in trouble over her email. Coincidence? The stink of corruption that swirls around Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration just grows and grows. Plenty of smoke. Plenty of fire!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Obama's Vetting Process: 296 Active TB Cases Among Refugees Just in Minnesota. It May Not Be the Terrorists That Kill Us!

Other states report similar numbers!

Porn Star Complains Trump Propositioned Her and We're Supposed to Care?

The money has sex for money and it's filmed for distribution and she complains about Trump hitting on her?
How much media time has been spent discussing Trump and women? Meanwhile, Juanita Broaddrick makes a legitimate claim that Bill Clinton raped her and Hillary tried to intimidate her into silence and almost no one reports it!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

More VIOLENT Dem Rhetoric: VP Joe Biden Says He Wants to " Take [Trump] Behind the Gym"

So many examples of Dem violent rhetoric from Obama on down. No wonder their followers are going berserk!

I guess V.P. Joe Biden got the green light from Obama and Hillary. After all, Obama has frequently used violent and inciting rhetoric to attack political opponents (1,2).

I'll spell these out since apparently some commenters here don't bother to read the links which also contain the full quotes and sources.

OBAMA: “Whose Ass To Kick”

OBAMA: Bring a Gun to A Knife Fight

OBAMA: “Argue With Neighbors, Get In Their Face”

OBAMA: “I don’t want to quell anger… I’m angry!”

OBAMA: “Get out of the way”

OBAMA: “Gearing up for a Fight”

OBAMA: “Hit Back Twice As Hard”

OBAMA: “Punish Our Enemies”

OBAMA: “Itching For A Fight”

OBAMA: “Hand-To-Hand Combat”

OBAMA: “It’s Time To Fight For It”

OBAMA: "Send Mr.Burgess. He'll tear him up!"

MICHELLE: “Shake Them”

So now Joe gets in the act: BIDEN: "I wish I were in high school so I could take [Trump] behind the gym, that's what I wish." Remember this is the same Vice President who told black voters that Mitt Romney wanted to 'Put Y'all Back in Chains!"

No doubt the Hillary supporters who firebombed GOP headquarters, started fist fights at Trump rallies and chased Trump supporters and vandalized their property have gotten the message!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

White House, Hillary and DNC ALL Tied to Effort to Provoke Violence at Trump Rallies

Proof of a left wing fascist thug conspiracy!

After years of mounting corruption at every level of the federal government it's no surprise that Obama and Hillary would further bend the rules and fund a campaign of violence directed at political opponents. After all, it was Obama who said “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” or urging his supporters to "get in their face [of political opponents]" as well as many other instances in which he urged the most confrontational tactics.

Now we learn his followers involved in some of the most vicious and violent dirty tricks are just following orders.

Thanks to Project Veritas, we have ON TAPE, Democrat operatives describing how they provoke violence at Trump rallies and the links to the Obama White House, including multiple meetings with Obama himself, and the Hillary campaign.

FOVAL: That's what I'm saying. We have mentally ill people we pay to do sh*t, (bleeped) make no mistake. Over the last 20 years, (laughter) I've paid off a few homeless guys to do some crazy stuff; and I've also taken them for dinner; and I've also made sure they had a hotel and a shower and I put them in a program. Like, I've done that. But the reality is, a lot of -- especially our union guys, a lot of our union guys, they'll do whatever...

FOVAL: The key is initiating the conflict by having leading conversations with people who are naturally psychotic. It's a matter of showing up to want to get into the rally in a Planned Parenthood T-shirt or, you know, Trump is a Nazi, you know. You can message to draw them out and draw them to punch you.

RODRIGUEZ: (hidden camera audio/background noise) So B and I did the Chicago Trump event where we shut down, like, all the -- yeah. I just had a call with the campaign...


RODRIGUEZ: ...every day at one o'clock. And then we also did the Arizona one where we shut the highway down.

UNIDENTIFIED JOURNALIST: (hidden camera audio/music) Hillary, like, is aware of all the work that you guys do, I hope?

CREAMER: The campaign is fully in it.

FOVAL: I answer to the head of special events for the DNC and the head of special events and political for the campaign. The campaign pays DNC, DNC pays Democracy Partners, Democracy Partners pays The Foval Group, The Foval Group goes and executes the sh*t (bleeped) on the ground. We are the primary mechanism, as a team.

FOVAL: We train up our people, wherever they are, to — and I work with a network of groups, we train them up on how to get themselves into a situation on tape, on camera, that we can use later.
In another video, Foval admits that his organization is responsible for an incident in Asheville, North Carolina in September, where an elderly woman was allegedly assaulted outside a Trump rally.

In that incident, the 69-year-old woman, wearing an oxygen tank, heckled a visually impaired 73-year-old Trump supporter, then pursued him. She claimed he then punched her in the jaw, though she had no visible injury; his attorney claims she touched him on the shoulder first, and then fell to the ground as he turned around. The national media covered her claims widely, while largely ignoring his. Foval explains that the woman had been “trained” as a part of his operation.
Using homeless and disabled people to create propaganda. And Hillary calls Trump supporters "deplorable." REALLY?

And how they skirt the law preventing coordination between the campaign and independent groups:
FOVAL: We’re consultants, so we’re not the official entity. And so those conversations can be had between consultants who are working for different parts. That’s why there’s Bob, who’s the primary there, and I’m a sub to him.

Now we learn that Creamer, the head of this nefarious group visited the White House 342 times and met with Obama 47 times.


FOVAL: “We have to be really careful because, because what we don’t need is for it to show up on CNN that the DNC paid for X people to, that’s not going to happen.”

You're right.... We WON'T see that on CNN. Or the rest of the liberal media which is fully aware of what these left wing fascists are up to. No doubt what Trump said to some woman 20 years ago is more important than CLEAR EVIDENCE of the worst kind of political dirty tricks funded by Obama, Hillary and the DNC!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

FBI Releases Document Showing State Dept. Official Attempted to Bribe FBI to Help Hillary with Email Classifications

Discussed a "quid pro quo" to trade favors to aid coverup!

The FBI released more documents surrounding the Hillary email investigation. The stink just keeps getting worse. Here's an excerpt:
“[REDACTED] received a call from [REDACTED] of the International Operations Division (IOD) of the FBI, who ‘pressured’ him to change the classified email to unclassified. [REDACTED] indicated he had been contacted by PATRICK KENNEDY, Undersecretary of State, who had asked his assistance in altering the email’s classification in exchange for a ‘quid pro quo.’”

“[REDACTED] advised that, in exchange for marking the email unclassified, STATE would reciprocate by allowing the FBI to place more Agents in countries where they are presently forbidden.”

“According to [REDACTED], KENNEDY spent the next 15 minutes debating the classification of the email and attempting to influence the FBI to change its markings.”
Clear proof of the lengths Hillary's cronies will go to in order to protect her. Bribing the FBI with an offer to let them have their way if they play ball by lessening the severity of the classified information Hillary put at risk with her private email server.


Sunday, October 16, 2016

An Act of Democrat TERRORISM as North Carolina Republican HQ Firebombed!

Left wing fascists show total contempt for democracy. Hillary should be condemned!

The historic parallel with the brownshirts in Nazi Germany in the late 1920's and 1930's couldn't be any clearer. First, anti-Trump protesters INVADED a Trump rally near Chicago, attempted to take away the microphone and then started throwing punches at Trump supporters. Similar acts have taken placed all over the country. Trump supporters in the public street and on their own property have been violently attacked and had their signs stolen. (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.....)


Now, left wing terrorists (they are no better than Islamic terrorists) firebombed a Republican campaign HQ in North Carolina:

Outside, Democrat terrorists spraypainted a threat: “Nazi Republicans get out of town or else” along with a swastika.

Hillary Clinton is unleashing a wave of terrorism in the United States. Her comments calling Trump supporters "deplorable" and "irredeemable" have created a climate of violence and fear. Furthermore, she wants to bring in tens of thousands of Syrian refugees knowing full well that terrorists WILL be included in their number. She is no longer running for President as Commander in Chief. She's now the TERRORIST IN CHIEF!

Time for real Americans to stand up and oppose these vile fascist monsters before it's too late!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Most Massive Corruption Scandal of All Time: Black People in Haiti Die as Clintons Take Relief Money And Give to Friends

Tell me why THIS story isn't more important than what Trump said or did 20 years ago!

Want to know why Hillary's emails are so important?

While the front pages of many major newspapers (here's the Washington Post cover) are all about trashing Trump with trumped up allegations, one of the most massive corruption scandals of all time continues to slide largely unnoticed under the radar.

Billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars for disaster relief in Haiti were siphoned off by Clinton cronies who made contributions to the Clinton Foundation then got special treatment from the U.S. State Department which awarded contracts for disaster relief. Many of the projects for Haiti were never completed, leaving Haitians just as bad off as before.

The direct connection between Clinton crony corruption and the State Department run by Hillary is documented in emails which have come to light. Now you know why Hillary went to such extraordinary measures to delete as many as she could.  ABC News has the story, along with the following excerpts from State Department emails showing the clear connection:

Earlier in the year the New York Times wrote a story about the corruption in Haiti and how many of it's people blame the Clintons for the lack of any progress despite billions that were promised. Tony Jeanthenor, 55, a member of the Miami-based Haitian human rights group Veye-Yo, said "Nothing good for Haiti can come out of Hillary because of her past behavior."

Haitians have protested outside the Clinton Foundation offices in New York with only local news coverage.

Haitians on social media share their disgust:

Dinesh D'Souza at National Review writes:
I don’t blame the Haitians for falling for it; Bill is one of the world’s greatest story-tellers. He has fooled people far more sophisticated than the poor Haitians. Over time, however, the Haitians wised up. Whatever their initial expectations, many saw that much of the aid money seems never to have reached its destination; rather, it disappeared along the way.

Where did it go? It did not escape the attention of the Haitians that Bill Clinton was the designated UN representative for aid to Haiti. Following the earthquake, Bill Clinton had with media fanfare established the Haiti Reconstruction Fund. Meanwhile, his wife Hillary was the United States secretary of state. She was in charge of U.S. aid allocated to Haiti. Together the Clintons were the two most powerful people who controlled the flow of funds to Haiti from around the world. Haitian deals appeared to be a quid pro quo for filling the coffers of the Clintons.

The Haitian protesters noticed an interesting pattern involving the Clintons and the designation of how aid funds were used. They observed that a number of companies that received contracts in Haiti happened to be entities that made large donations to the Clinton Foundation. The Haitian contracts appeared less tailored to the needs of Haiti than to the needs of the companies that were performing the services. In sum, Haitian deals appeared to be a quid pro quo for filling the coffers of the Clintons.
D'Souza documents how money awarded for housing and schools disappeared with little or nothing to show for it. Yet the Clintons and their friends got rich.
The Clintons also funneled $10 million in federal loans to a firm called InnoVida, headed by Clinton donor Claudio Osorio. Osorio had loaded its board with Clinton cronies, including longtime Clinton ally General Wesley Clark; Hillary’s 2008 finance director Jonathan Mantz; and Democratic fundraiser Chris Korge who has helped raise millions for the Clintons.

Normally the loan approval process takes months or even years. But in this case, a government official wrote, “Former President Bill Clinton is personally in contact with the company to organize its logistical and support needs. And as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has made available State Department resources to assist with logistical arrangements.”

InnoVida had not even provided an independently audited financial report that is normally a requirement for such applications. This requirement, however, was waived. On the basis of the Clinton connection, InnoVida’s application was fast-tracked and approved in two weeks.

The company, however, defaulted on the loan and never built any houses. An investigation revealed that Osorio had diverted company funds to pay for his Miami Beach mansion, his Maserati, and his Colorado ski chalet. He pleaded guilty to wire fraud and money laundering in 2013, and is currently serving a twelve-year prison term on fraud charges related to the loan
The poorest of the poor, and black to boot, get shafted by the Clintons and their rich friends who stole millions from U.S. taxpayers. Wouldn't you think THAT story should be on the front page?
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