Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Parallel to China's Cultural Revolution: New Left Fascists Begin Eating Their Own. When Hate Speech Protests Become Hate.

Plus, protesters rush the stage at Bernie Sanders event. He's not sufficiently committed to the(ir) cause!

History teaches us lessons. Sadly, too few learn and this is especially the problem at American universities and other centers of leftist thought. During China's Cultural Revolution the people were taught to act, think and dress alike as one tool to defend communism/socialism from the impurity of "revisionist" capitalism. But where does that stop? In China, even followers of Mao's Revolution might be jailed or executed for not being sufficiently devoted to the cause. Millions died.

Obviously today's left didn't learn the lesson. Their hate police roam universities attacking anyone who is not sufficiently outraged at a slew of mostly imagined offenses. This mindset has now spilled out of the college campus and onto the streets where protesters riot and commit acts of violence all to stamp out what they call "hate." It seems their answer to what they call hate is to hate and it doesn't stop there.

Nina Burleigh, writing at Newsweek (yeah, I guess Newsweek is still around) has a long article on the subject of the hate police which is worth reading if you follow this worrisome phenomenon.

This growing trend of threatening or attacking anyone who doesn't share your view isn't just limited to anti-Trump protesters. Last August Black Lives Matter goons took the microphone away from Bernie Sanders at a Seattle rally while denouncing "white supremacist liberalism."  This weekend Secret Service agents had to jump to protect Sanders as animal rights activists rushed the stage. Bernie isn't sufficiently committed to their cause and hence they feel empowered to put the safety of Sanders and those attending his rally at risk.

The point here is that the Left's hate police don't just hate Trump, they feel empowered to attack anyone, even fellow lefties who they deem not sufficiently pure on issue X,Y or Z. History has shown this path ends misery, tyranny and eventually mass murder. Look at Venezuela today. Does that look like a the "beautiful revolution" that was promised?

Free speech is the cornerstone of protection against these kinds of excesses. Sadly, the "free speech" movement that sprang up at American universities in the 60's has now morphed into the hate speech with which you disagree movement. It's fascism pure and simple yet the dolts who are practicing it don't seem to know or care about the danger.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Long Lines, No Service and No Accountability are Obama's Big Government Legacy

And neither Hillary nor Bernie would do one thing to improve the mess!

70,000 passengers missed their flights and 40,000 checked bags didn't make it to their destinations, just on American Airlines alone due to Transportation Security Administration incompetence and the resulting hours long lines American travelers have endured.

But that's not the worst big government outrage. Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald on Monday compared the wait for care at VA facilities to long lines at Disney theme parks. McDonald said: "When you got to Disney, do they measure the number of hours you wait in line? Or what's important? What's important is, what's your satisfaction with the experience?"

To my recollection, no one died waiting to ride Space Mountain. The VA can't make that claim. How many tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of Vets have died waiting for care isn't clear but the problem is.

Meanwhile, the IRS which has plenty of time to demand that members of Tea Party groups reveal the content of their prayers can't find time to answer 60% of the calls that come in asking for clarification of tax issues.

Remember the ObamaCare web site? The list of big government incompetence does on and on and on.

This is Obama's big government legacy. Waiting in line with little hope of getting an answer yet if you don't comply with their rules you might end up in jail. If only government could be more like Disneyland!

Throughout the last eight years the Obama Administration has ignored questions about basic competence in government in their zeal to promote a far left agenda. Writing in the Washington Post Ed Rogers:
Honestly, do you think the White House has spent more time in the past 90 days managing its school bathroom mandate for transgender students or trying figuring out how to make TSA security lines work with adequate efficiency this travel season? The answer is obvious.

Denial is rampant in this administration. Its approach to management is to deny problems exist and to shift focus to one left-wing cause or another. I have no doubt the TSA strategy will be to shift blame, whine about funding shortages and deny that things are as bad as they are. I suspect after a congressional probe, we will actually find that much of the TSA problems in the summer of 2016 were made worse by the Obama administration’s obsession with regulations, grievances and union rules that took precedence over efficiency, customer service and getting a job done.

Again, this is what our government has become under the Democrats: All lecturing and no management. This is what has fueled much of the Trump movement, and it is another reason Hillary Clinton is such a poor fit for the country in 2016. We don’t need a third Obama term. Remember that the next time you are stuck in a security line at an airport.
During the solemnity of the Memorial Day weekend it's appropriate to recall Lincoln's words reminding us that government is supposed to be "by the people, for the people." But Obama and the Democrats seem to ignore that basic tenet. For them it's "by the government, for the government." It's all about transforming America into something like Venezuela. NO THANKS!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Eagle Cam: Bald Eagle Chicks Almost Ready to Fly

Two tiny eggs are now full size birds on the cusp of flight!

It was late March when first posted on the hatching of two bald eagle chicks in a tree high above the U.S. National Arboretum in Washington, DC (a great spot to visit if you are in the Capital).

The eaglets have gone from tiny fuzz covered chicks to full size birds and those with an interest have been able to watch from two web cams mounted above the nest.

Eagle pair taking turns incubating eggs in winter at National Arboretum.

An early feeding for the first eaglet to hatch.

May 25, full size eaglets still have work to do before first flight.
Check out Eagle Cam 24/7 for updates!

Where's the Accountability for Phony Hate Crimes?

If a Christian baker refuses to work with a customer based on religious grounds they can be sued and their business destroyed. When a PASTOR LIES about a hate crime what penalty does he face?

Here's the story from Texas. A pastor buys a cake at a Whole Foods Market in Austin claiming that the message on the cake was an offensive slur.
Brown made a video, showing the cake and making the accusation. He also filed a lawsuit, seeking damages. The lawsuit claimed Brown was in tears after the incident, and it is “impossible to calculate the emotional distress that these events have caused.”

His lawyer also told the media that Brown was concerned that if he didn’t raise a fuss, someone else might go through “a similarly excruciating experience.”

Then, last week, more than a month after his purchase, Brown admitted the whole thing was a hoax.

He was right about one thing. No one should have to go through such an excruciating experience.

Especially when a pastor is perpetuating it.
Shouldn't this man be held accountable for threatening the livelihood and reputation of employees at the Whole Foods bakery? I hope the store sues but as all too often happens they may be intimidated into silence. If they do so they simply encourage another faker to scream "hate" where none exists.

Hate crime hoaxes are nothing new. It's a tried and true tactic among left wing activists. Why, if hate is so prevalent in this country, do left wing activists have to LIE about it? But like other examples cited below, this is just another where the left puts their rights above those of others. Only now, it's the right to LIE!

Left Wing Fascist Mob Causes Violent Riot Outside Trump Rally in New Mexico

Once again, THEIR rights (and many are not American citizens or even here legally) Trump yours!

Imagine what the headlines in the mainstream media would be today if hundreds of Trump supporters showed up at a Bernie Sanders rally and assaulted supporters, including one in a wheel chair, threw rocks at the police and their horses and committed multiple other acts of mayhem while they shouted obscenities. Front page and a constant loop of video highlights on cable news right?

Just what message are Mexicans trying to send by
waving that country's flag outside Trump rallies?
Anyone want to try this in Mexico with American flags?
But when Bernie Sanders and illegal aliens (who may also vote for Bernie, who is going to stop them?) show up outside a Trump rally shouting "viva Mexico" while waving Mexican flags and committing acts of violence that just doesn't get the same coverage does it? Can you imagine what would happen if Trump supporters went to Mexico and shouted "USA, USA" while waving Old Glory?

The coverage of this event in New Mexico apparently did not warrant the same national media attention a single Tea Partier would get if he shouted "down with Obama." The bigger story here is how these kind of organized left wing fascist attacks are increasing in scope and violence.

Trump was attacked for suggesting that many illegal aliens crossing the Southern Border were criminals and drug dealers. For some strange reason, protesters outside Trump rallies seem determined to prove him right. Case in point, the following photo from the New Mexico event:
While a child holds a sign claiming she is not a drug dealer, nearby another holds a sign
saying "free El Chapo" Mexico's most notorious drug lord responsible for thousands of deaths. And these people think Trump is a fascist?
These protests are a direct assault on American democracy. The right to free speech and peaceful protest are enshrined in the American system but not violence and destruction. Trump is right to describe these people as "thugs" and "criminals."

Those with longer memories than the Useful Idiots showing up outside Trump rallies remember that Nazi Brownshirts undermined an elected democracy in Germany. Violence and intimidation were the key to destroying German democracy and enable all that followed. The only difference between these anti-Trump criminals and Nazi Brownshirts is the color of their clothes!

Another Conservative Shouted Down on Campus

The incubator of left wing fascist violence is found on American college campuses. It's there that the shock troops of the new fascist left were inculcated by highly paid professors with the idea that their rights trump those with whom they disagree. We saw another example of that at DePaul University Tuesday night where a speech by a British Conservative Milo Yiannopoulos was brought to an end by left wing fascists who rushed the stage, grabbed the microphone and threatened physical violence if the event continued.

Apparently if you claim that a speaker is presenting ideas you find objectionable or perceive them as a threat you are fully empowered to do whatever it takes, including violence, to stop speech from proceeding.

There is no way this kind of thing ends well if it keeps up. At some point one of those being bullied will fight back. Of course left wing fascists would love that but they would also deserve what they get. Meanwhile, the behavior of these goons confirm everything Trump has been saying and only make his appeal to mainstream Americans all the greater!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Lockdown at the White House After Shots Fired. No Worry for Obama who was GOLFING Friday Afternoon!

The world in crisis and an economy that is steps away from recession. But Obama has his priorities with a visit to the golf course!

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Chinese Ratcheting Up Military Confrontation with U.S. and Asian Allies as Obama's Weak Policy Continues to Invite War

Chinese intercept of U.S. jet comes amid reports that China is "weaponizing" artificial islands miles from Chinese territory!

Flying in international airspace a U.S. patrol plane was intercepted by two Chinese fighter jets on Tuesday over the South China sea. It was a highly aggressive, even "unsafe" act according to the Pentagon. It matches increasing efforts by Russia to harass and probe U.S. military response in Europe and off the coast of Alaska.

Meanwhile, the effort to build artificial bases in the South China Sea continues. Below is a recent photo from the Daily Mail showing the new base with runway on one of the Spratley Islands. A Pentagon report (PDF) released in April describes China's effort as "weaponizing" the facilities.

About a year ago this was a reef. Today it is a fully functioning Chinese military
base hundreds of miles from the Chinese mainland. Why? 
Chinese artificial bases give China ultimate control over vital waterway.
The artificial islands are over 800 miles from the Chinese mainland. The New York Times documents the crash program to build one of the islands going from reef to base in a year.  The Islands control vital choke points in one of the busiest shipping channels in the world. The only reason for building them is to exert military control over the area raising the specter of future clashes with other Asian powers and the U.S.

Perhaps the Chinese have rushed this building program because they know a change in U.S. Administrations may bring a President who isn't asleep at the switch. Sadly, much of the damage has already been done.

Let's call the future Asian war Obama's Folly!

New ISIS Horror as 25 Iraqis Executed by Dissolving in Acid Bath

The evil these monsters are capable of knows no bounds. Why haven't they been defeated?

First it was beheading and the crucifixion of children (warning, graphic images). Then, setting men on fire. Now, 25 people tied together and lowered into a vat of acid for a death that must be painful beyond belief.

The Daily Mail has the story.

How many years has it been since Obama promised a strategy to defeat ISIS? How far has this cancer already spread while he wasted time on a pinprick bombing strategy? How many more will die horrific deaths in the Middle East and beyond because of a lack of leadership, will and ability in the United States?

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

State Opening of British Parliament: Royal Pomp at It's Best

Think U.S. State of the Union but with diamonds. Lots and lots of diamonds!

The speech might be dull as dishwater (it's written by the government) but the theater is magnificent! Carriages and ceremony all topped off with Queen Elizabeth II wearing the Imperial State Crown and covered in diamonds.

The full story with additional photos at the Daily Mail. Video available at C-Span.

Oh, the Feminist's Shame as Hillary Has to Invoke Bill Clinton to Appeal to Voters

And if Bill is so great for handling the economy, where has he been the last eight years?

For anyone who follows the travails of Hillary Clinton with any kind of feminist reverence her latest pronouncement must be a disappointment. Hillary has announced that if she is elected she will put Bill Clinton "in charge of economic revitalization." That's right, the woman who famously said " I'm not sitting here — some little woman standing by my man like Tammy Wynette," now has to call in her man to help her teetering campaign.

And if Bill really has the secret to economic revitalization why hasn't he stepped forward before now? Nearly eight years of the worst economic performance since World War II and Bill has had the answer and been silent?

Perhaps Hillary should stand aside and just let Bill run again!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Democrats Riot Amongst Themselves in Nevada. The Fascists Are Out of Control!

It's not enough that they attempt to violently disrupt Trump rallies. Now, they are doing it to themselves!

At the Democrat state party convention in Nevada fights broke out, a medic was called for and the police and to shut the event down. Thankfully, no African Americans were killed by police which is what the left thinks is the cop's prime motivation.

Remember when Obama used to lecture the Tea Party on civility because they were angry at his overreach? But the only people who got beat up at Tea Party rallies were black Tea Party members injured by left wing union thugs. Apparently, Obama's call to "argue with them and get in their face" or "if they bring a knife, we bring a gun" is being taken to heart by the minions who make up the radical left in the Democrat Party. And now they are doing it to each other. PRICELESS!

UPDATE: Arch liberal  Sen.l Barbara Boxer Booed while invoking friend of Bernie status. Boxer: "boo me, you are booing Bernie. Let's hear it for Hillary Clinton... Yeah!"

Wow! This unbelievable. When Barbara Boxer gets booed by lefties you know the Dems are in SERIOUS trouble!

UPDATE: Boxer "feared for my safety." Do Dems need a "safe space" to protect from the micro-aggressions from Bernie bots?
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