Monday, November 07, 2005

Democrats will "LIE" Us into Iraq Defeat

Last week Senator Reid invoked an extremely rare Senate procedure to force the entire legislative body behind closed doors for a discussion of further investigations regarding pre-war intelligence in Iraq. It was a highly charged, blatantly political and vehemently partisan move designed more as a stunt, than a serious consideration of long debated questions regarding intelligence and weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

But this is the only game in town for Democrats, who have failed to convince voters in the past two elections that somehow the concerns they expressed were anything more than the partisan hackery which is so evident to those who follow these issues closely. They revealed their strategy in 2003 with the leak of the infamous memo by a staff member to Senator Rockefeller, (D-West Virginia) Vice Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

The findings in the Intell Committee's original report, released in July 2004 were unanimous in concluding that there was no pressure on any government intelligence agency to phony their reports or slant their information. The report also described numerous contacts between Iraq under Hussein and Al Queda.

Obviously, that wasn't going to be good enough for Democrats, whose only hope for doing better in the 2006 House and Senate elections is to convince enough gullible voters that their own report was wrong and Bush lied, people died, Iraq not part of war on terror, etc.

So the long suffering Pat Roberts, (R-Kansas), Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee agreed earlier this year to an additional investigation to see if someone lied about intelligence reports and "misled us into war" as John Kerry was so fond of saying in his failed 2004 presidential bid.

At the direction of Senator Roberts, staffers on the Senate Intell. panel assembled several hundred statements by Republicans regarding Iraq, weapons of mass destruction and links to terrorism and paired them up with the intelligence reports that formed the basis for the conclusion. Along with Republican statements, those by Democrats were added as well. But before each statement was evaluated for it's veracity, staffers blocked the column revealing who said what.

A blind study, fair and impartial, to get to the truth with less opportunity for political grandstanding! Of COURSE Democrats objected!

In this audio statement, Senator Roberts reports that on May 17, 2005, Democrats blocked this move to get the truth to the American people and refused to allow the hearing to continue.

By now, anyone who isn't aware of the voluminous statements by Democrats regarding the danger Iraq under Hussein posed with weapons of mass destruction and their ties to Al Queda and other terrorists must be brain dead. Well, I know, typical moonbat Democrats do suffer from an evident brain disorder, so perhaps we need to help them refresh their memory.

In past posts, I've listed some of the quotes by Democrats from President Clinton on down over a period of years describing the threat posed by Iraq. Moonbats dismissed the matter as old news and then returned to their "Bush lied" mantra without skipping a beat.

But as the Senate prepares yet another report on who lied about what, let's focus on the statements and actions of Senator Rockefeller, the Vice Chairman of the Intell Committee.

On November 1 2005, Senator Rockefeller had this to say:
The American people still want to know - now more than ever - why the United States went to war, whether they were misled, and whether our intelligence was misused.

Whether these actions amount to crimes is not the litmus test for congressional oversight. Mr. Fitzgerald is investigating possible criminal activity by senior White House officials, and we shouldn't get in the way of his work.

But the American people deserve to know not just whether this Administration committed crimes, but whether this Administration told the truth, the full truth, the straight story.

And if they didn't if they misled about the war and if they misused intelligence, then the American people need to know that the Congress will do everything in its power the make sure that it never happens again
Still disappointed that Special Prosecuter Fitzgerald refused to completely politicize his investigation and find wider criminal wrongdoing in the Plame/Wilson affair, Rockefeller seems determined to make such false accusations the centerpiece of Democrat plans to "investigate" Bush "lies" about Iraq.

But we don't have to go back to the 1990's to hear Senator Rockefeller singing a different tune. In this speech, delivered on the Senate floor, October 10, 2002 Rockefeller put his concerns about Iraq this way:

We cannot know for certain that Saddam will use the weapons of mass destruction that he currently possesses or that he will use them against us. But as we do know, Saddam has the capability to do that. We know that very well. Rebuilding that capability has been a higher priority for Saddam than the welfare of his own people, and he has ill will toward Americans.

I am forced to conclude on all the evidence that Saddam poses a significant risk. Some argue it would be totally irrational for Saddam Hussein to initiate an attack against the mainland United States and believe he would not do so. But if Saddam thought he could attack America through terrorist proxies and cover the trail back to Baghdad, he might not think it is so irrational.
September 11 changed America. It made us realize we must deal differently with the very real threat, the overwhelming threat and reality of terrorism, whether it comes from shadowy groups operating in the mountains of Afghanistan or in 70 other countries around the world or in our own country.

There has been some debate over how "imminent" a threat Iraq poses. I do believe Iraq poses an imminent threat. I also believe after September 11, that question is increasingly outdated.
The President has rightly called Saddam Hussein's efforts to develop weapons of mass destruction a grave and gathering threat to Americans. The global community has tried but has failed to address that threat over the past decade. I have come to the inescapable conclusion that the threat posed to America by Saddam's weapons of mass destruction is so serious that despite the risks--and we should not minimize the risks--we must authorize the President to take the necessary steps to deal with that threat.

Is it time now to call for a Special Prosecutor to investigate what crimes Rockefeller might have committed by making the above statement?

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