Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Reader Survey Update

Initial results from the Reader Survey of Issue Priorities show an overwhelming concern for national security with 31 points as of this writing. Immigration concerns are second at 19 points, followed by a desire to confirm conservative judges at 9. Spending cuts is currently tied in 4th place with tax reform at 4 points each. Concerns about China and other economic issues and domestic issues like education are also cited as is drilling in the Artic National Wildlife Refuge.

If you have yet to express an opinion, please feel free do do so. After a larger sample is collected, I'll go back and redefine categories based on your free form responses before we move forward to a more specific agenda for our Mike's America 2006 election issues platform.

Note to those who are not "blog-savvy:" Click this underlined link to the survey. At the bottom of the post "Reader Survey..." you will see an underline link entitled "Comment (X)". Click on that link.

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