Thursday, July 27, 2006

Ancient Find in Ireland Points to Psalm 83 and Hope for Israel

As a rule, we don't delve too deeply into religion here at Mike's America. But the conflict in the Middle East tugs at our Judeo-Christian heritage.

So when an ancient text is discovered in Ireland this week with the page open to Psalm 83 we take notice. CNN, oddly enough, has the report, which was brought to our attention by Mr. Beamish of the Crank Files.

Psalm 83 describes the biblical attacks against Israel and the nightmare of war inflicted by those who attempt to destroy the nation of Israel.

The text in the old languages may be a bit too much for most of us modern types to understand. But here is an audio visual presentation which might make it more clear.

I think you will find the graphics relating the ancient nations to today's geography especially useful.

Israel is OUR fight too!

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