Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Muslims Out to Get Miss Indonesia, Dictate Standards of Conduct for All

Michelle Malkin and Jihad Watch report hat Miss Indonesia, who took part in the recent Miss Universe Beauty Pageant is under threat from Islamic fanatics at home for conduct " insulting for Indonesian dignity and women" for her participation in the swimsuit competition.

These are serious charges when you consider today's earlier post where we document the beheading of Indonesian girls properly attired but committing the crime of being Christian (warning, link contains graphic images).

But are we being too culturally insensitive to Muslim beliefs by holding our beauty pageants? After all, this isn't the first time Islamic fanatics have taken umbrage at women's freedom to participate in such competitions. Readers may recall the Miss World competition that was forced to pull out of Nigeria in 2002 after offended Muslims went on a killing spree and burned Christian churches.

I cannot imagine what a Muslim approved beauty pageant would be like with all those black burkas. I suppose the only glimpse of contestant individuality would be in the swimsuit competition with appropriate covering.

Though somehow, I doubt these contestants will win any pageants. Nor do they stand much chance in any Olympic swimming competition wearing rags like that!


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