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John Bolton

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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Five Years of Democrat Hate and Lies: Nothing Better to Offer

John Kerry frequently bleats about how if Democrats were in charge, they would "do things better." No one is quite sure what they would do, as they have yet to say, but they assure us it would be "better."

Thus far, they've only displayed one skill, and it's not something for the better. The exposure of the three year fraud by Joe Wilson/Valerie Plame and the Bush haters is just the tip of the iceberg.

Readers may remember the sound bite of Senator Ted Kennedy when he said the Bush Administration had "told lie after lie after lie" about Iraq. Yet it seems those who screamed "LIAR" the loudest may have been the biggest liars of all time.

Michael P. Tremoglie writing in the Evening Bulletin goes down the sorry list of lies, conspiracy theories and smears that a coalition of liberals, communists, Democrats and Buchananites has used to manipulate the willfully ignorant and uninformed.

Visit the City Troll to run through the list. I'll just excerpt the final paragraphs here:
The propaganda machine of this coalition of liberals, communists, Democrats and Buchananite conservatives began manufacturing lies about the president since the 2000 election. They are every bit as sophisticated at disinformation as the KGB was during the Cold War.

All the investigations discredited these absurd allegations. Unfortunately, the debunking of the lies never got the media prominence the allegation did - with the exception of the Dan Rather episode.

It is rather sad that Democrats have chosen to use all the worse political tactics of their party has used throughout its long history rather than their best.
It was some Democrats, who later came to be known as "Copperheads," referring to the snake that strikes without warning, who tried to subvert President Lincoln's policies during the Civil War. These Northerners, who were sympathetic to the Southern slaveholders, were so egregious in their opposition to the Civil War that many actively gave support to the Confederacy - much like many of today's so-called " antiwar" protesters actively support the enemy, such as Lynne Stewart, who was convicted of aiding terrorists and Ramsey Clark, who is a counsel for Saddam Hussein.

There was a time in America when politics ended at the water's edge. There was a time in America when an American president could respond to his political opponents' vicious criticism without the media criticizing him for doing so.

Perhaps the greatest irony about the criticism of President Bush is that it implies Bush is committing treason, yet when Bush responds to his critics, they bray at being called unpatriotic by the President, even though he is doing no such thing.
President Bush's political enemies can legitimately criticize his policies for many reasons. The fact that they have to resort to lies, conspiracy theories and distortions leads one to believe that they are totally lacking any constructive and intelligent policies or initiatives.

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