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Friday, September 01, 2006

Joe Wilson: Fame is a Harsh Mistress

Reposting this from the December 20th Mike's America:

Fraudmongering publicity whores like former Ambassador Joe Wilson and his ex-CIA wife Valerie Plame never seem to know when enough is enough. But really... posing in your PJ'S for Time Magazine's People Who Mattered 2005?

The Drudge Report ran a headline contest for the photo:

"Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?"

"Honey, I think I lost my cover"

"Why doesn't Bono return our calls anymore?"

"Valerie preparing for another undercover assignment"

"Joe, they came here to take a picture of me"

"A Leaking in Noir"

"The Pajama Party"

"Time to put this one to bed"

"My wife does it for microfilm"

"Make your own damned breakfast"

"Have you seen my pills?"

"Sleeping With the Enemy"

“Would you PLEASE send the news people away? I’m UNDER COVER!”

"Bananas in Pajamas"

"Do you know where the yellowcake is?

"Look what You've Done To Us, Bob Novak!"

"No More Wire Hangers"

"Joe, When Are You Going Back To Work?'

"Sleeper cell"

"Desperate Housewife"

"The baby upstairs is floating above the bed again"

"Valerie's Secret"
How about a few new ones? Here's a start: "Joe, the lawyers just called and it appears we facing charges for lying to investigators. "

The preceding brought to you by Wilson's Whines

P.S. In the July 15 edition of Mike's America we list the political affiliations and contributions of the author of "The Politics of Truth" and his wife Valerie.
And let's not forget Zell Miller, who in November 2005 tagged this entire episode for what it is: an attempt to overturn the policy and smear the legally elected government of the United States.

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