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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Skye Helps Angry Lefty with Anger Management

Multiple reports that anti-American-war protesters are trying to provoke confrontations.

12:30 PM: Skye reports that she was compelled to intercede to prevent a physical confrontation between an angry anti-American-war protester who was slinging insults at a veteran in an attempt to provoke a physical confrontation.

At the point where the two men appeared close to a physical altercation Skye inserted herself between them and ordered the unruly hippie to back off and said "you're done here."

Let's hope she threw in a "get lost loser" for good measure!

The photo above is Skye with Monica, Troll and an American hero at the scene.
Larger image here. Keep in mind these are all cell phone photos and higher quality postings will have to wait until our Eagles return to the nest.

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