Monday, April 02, 2007

The Evil of Today's Liberalism

Ever wonder why liberals seem so confused regarding the nature of good and evil that they condemn America's efforts in the world but cannot call the people sawing off heads with dull knives "terrorists?"

Has it ever bothered you that many on the left openly embrace America's enemies?

Evan Sayet, a Hollywood comedy writer and producer, brilliantly and with humor describes the sad journey into darkness we see all to often on the left. He's speaking at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, DC.

It's a long video, but just try watching the first few minutes. You may as captivated by his clear thinking as I was. (MP3 audio here) You really MUST SEE THIS!

The left will even embrace terrorists in pursuit of the chaos that they feel will usher in that Utopian age which will replace the bigotry, racism, sexism, poverty, violence and war which they feel is the legacy of modern man. It's a fool's bargain with the Devil, but they cannot allow themselves to see it.

Go on and start the video. See if you can't help but watch it all.

Thanks to Discerning Texan for finding the video!

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