Tuesday, April 03, 2007

House Speaker Pelosi or "Damascus Nancy?"

Despite being designated as a terrorist state by President Carter in 1979 (a designation affirmed by every President, Republican AND Democrat since then) House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (DEMOCRAT-SAN FRANCISCO) is currently validating the terrorist states strategy which includes killing Americans in Iraq by honoring them with her high profile visit to Damascus.

Teams of cameramen from the world media follow the Pelosi appeasement tour as she meets with Syrian leaders as well as visiting a mosque.

I wonder when the last time Pelosi was in a Christian Church?

Those with long memories may recall another American, though not of the high official status of Speaker of the House, who also visited another enemy of our nation actively involved in killing Americans.

How about a new nickname for Speaker Nancy: Speaker Damascus Nancy?
Speaker Appeasement Pelosi?

I'm open to suggestions here, what would yours be?

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