Saturday, September 06, 2008

Democrats Trash the Flag at Denver Convention

It just shows that Democrat rhetoric about patriotism and the environment is nothing but garbage!

Thousands of flags found in garbage after Democrat Convention:


Republican Recycling
by David Harsanyi
Denver Post Blog
September 6, 2008

This morning, Republicans tell me that a worker at Invesco Field in Denver saved thousands of unused flags from the Democratic National Convention that were headed for the garbage. Guerrilla campaigning. They will use these flags at their own event today in Colorado Springs with John McCain and Sarah Palin.

Before McCain speaks today, veterans will haul these garbage bags filled with flags out onto the stage — with dramatic effect, no doubt — and tell the story.

“What you see in the picture I sent you is less than half of total flags,” a Republican official emailed. “We estimate the total number to be around 12,000 small flags and one full size 3×5 flag.”

I’m not sure what the DNC was supposed to do with unused hand-flags, frankly. But the Republicans are obviously questioning someone’s patriotism here.

There are more photos of flags being trashed at the Pepsi Center where the first days of the Dem convention were held indoors.

I've been to many, MANY GOP presidential campaign events over the years and never do I recall seeing a single American flag tossed into the trash after the event. And yes, since I was a key political officer at some of these events I did often stay until the event was over. The flags I have from the events with President Reagan are now treasured reminders of those golden days.

Apparently, Democrats see the flag only as a prop to be discarded when the event was over. Does the flag hold so little meaning for Democrats that they treat it as trash rather than reuse it?

Rescued Flags to Be Reused at McCain Palin Rally

The flags are on their way to a McCain Palin rally in Colorado Springs where the Boy Scouts and Veterans of Foreign Wars will distribute them to the GOP faithful.

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