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Monday, September 01, 2008

Hurricane Gustav Shows How GOP Put's "Country First"

Is God on the side of the GOP?

Unbelievably, Democrats were hoping for a natural disaster in New Orleans in the same way they have cheerleaded defeat for our troops in Iraq all for political gain.

Wrong on both counts!
As at least one Democrat leader, and followers, have suggested, God's wrath directed at New Orleans would be proof that God is on their side as Hurricane Gustav would highlight GOP failures to protect the people of New Orleans.

Bad News for Democrats: The Levies Held in New Orleans!

As the storm surge generated by Hurricane Gustav begins to recede one thing is clear: the emergency preparations and multi year effort by the Bush Administration to see that the devastation of Hurricane Katrina is not repeated has succeeded.

It helps also that Governor Bobby Jindal, Republican of Louisiana, took over from the clueless Katrina Governor, Democrat Kathleen Blanco, in directing state efforts.

Even "Negligent" Nagin, the Democrat Mayor of New Orleans, who left the cities school buses to flood rather than evacuate residents in 2005 did a better job this time around.

Rather than distract the public's attention from the GOP message as we begin our convention, the preparation and response to Gustav can only serve to highlight how seriously we take the most basic responsibilities of governance.

Democrats may put politics first, but it's clear that Republicans put "Country First!"

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