John Bolton

John Bolton

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Live Chat Tonight for Presidential Debate

Tonight is the last of the three McCain-Obama presidential debates. Please join us here for a Live Chat as we watch the debate and analyze it afterwards.

My own view is that I will be glad to see the debates finished. Thus far, McCain has not delivered on his promises to take off the gloves and hammer Obama in the debates with his associations with the vile terrorist William Ayers and other persons who give us the only glimpse we have as to who and what Obama really is. Whether McCain brings up this subject tonight remains to be seen.

Overall, the debates have not been McCain's friend and Obama has benefited merely by showing up and avoiding any revealing insights into his character or experience. Trading charges back and forth over Senate votes that are difficult for regular voters to follow does little to help McCain.

Since the last debate, McCain has seen a slight recovery in 3 of the 4 nationwide polls which I follow daily. Several, like the Gallup traditional voting model, are now showing him within the margin of error. Some of that improvement began despite criticism of the angry statements by some at McCain rallies and the stock market plunge of last week.

While Obama does seem to have a stable lead in a number of polls, it is not true that this debate is McCain's last chance to recapture the forward momentum he needs to pull ahead. Absent any new financial disaster or other October surprise brought forward by Democrats McCain has sufficient time to whittle away at Obama's fragile lead in key states.

Make no mistake, it's an uphill battle at this point but that battle is not lost and can be won!

P.S. If you would like to co-host the live chat on your blog please leave your email address in the comments form and I'll send out the code shortly before the debate begins.

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