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Friday, October 24, 2008

McCain Attack Hoax Undermines REAL Attack Fears

And still, Obama supporters fail to condemn REAL attacks.

It's official, the woman who claimed she was attacked by a black man at a Pittsburgh ATM has admitted she lied.

It's a sad and despicable act. I'm sure that all my conservative friends join me in condemning her in the strongest possible terms.

Sadly, it undermines the very real attacks and racist vandalism that HAVE been directed at Republicans.

Their is no question that the McCain volunteer, a woman, in New York was assaulted by an angry Obama supporter. Neither has their been any suggestion that the racial incident here in South Carolina where the County Chairman of the York, SC GOP, who is black, was greeted with vandalized offices where "Republican means slavery" was scrawled.

Meanwhile, the widely circulated "news" story that Republicans at a McCain rally were calling for Obama to be killed has been thoroughly investigated by the Secret Service and found to be false.

There is also no doubt whatsoever about the campaign of hate directed at Republicans from the top of the Democrat leadership on down. Whether it's DNC Chair Howard Dean who declared: "I hate Republicans and everything they stand for" or the bile coming from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid who called President Bush a loser and a liar or the stream of abuse from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

And what about the voter fraud group ACORN that has direct ties to Obama's campaign? Are they exempt from the law because they support Obama?

The young woman who committed this fraud in Pennsylvania should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.... Right after we hold Democrats guilty of REAL crimes to the same standard.

Don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

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