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John Bolton

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

GOP Fighting Back

What a shame the Obama cheerleaders in the "news" media won't cover this!

In the wake of the AIG bonus scandal the House Republican Conference put together this video of Democrats in both the House and Senate expressing confidence that Obama's stewardship of public funds used in the stimulus bill would be oh-so-much better than during the Bush years. What a laugh!

"Congress and the new Administration will ensure that TARP funds are used for lending to American workers and small businesses – so we can lift our economy out of recession – and not for the enrichment of a privileged few." -- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, January 21, 2009


See The House GOP Conference site: Holding Democrats Accountable for more.

Curt posted the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) video contrasting the fiscal responsiblity promises of candidate Obama with the "business as usual" attitudes policy of President Obama.

The NRSC also has this video which answers the question: Just who was it that protected the AIG bonuses?

Republicans are united in resisting the Obama disaster. You should be proud. They deserve your support!

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