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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Summoning the Ron Paul Brigades

The U.S. Constitution is under threat!

George Will has a great column this week titled "The Toxic Assets We Elected." In it he describes the anti-constitutional moves taken by the Obama Administration and Democrats in Congress.

A summary:
  • The Supremacy Clause in the United States Constitution, article VI, paragraph 2 states that treaties are the "supreme law of the land" and yet Obama is violating the North American Free Trade Agreement with his unilateral decision to ban Mexican trucks from American highways as a favor to the Teamsters Union.
  • Article I, section 2 states that "The House of Representatives shall be composed of Members chosen every second Year by the People of the several States" yet Democrats in the House are readying a plan to give full voting privileges to a Democrat Representative for the District of  Columbia, which by any definition is NOT a state. 
Will Concludes:
This is but a partial list of recent lawlessness, situational constitutionalism and institutional derangement. Such political malfeasance is pertinent to the financial meltdown as the administration, desperately seeking confidence, tries to stabilize the economy by vastly enlarging government's role in it.
Ron Paulians who rail against what Will calls this sort of "situational constitutionalism" have only one viable course of action: rejoin the GOP coalition. That's right. No more wasted time pursuing some impossible ideological purity. No more idle wankering about third party movements that only serve to enable Democrats.

Time for Ron Paul supporters to come home to the GOP. Don't worry, you'll be welcome. Just sit at the back and be quiet for a time. We're all working for the same cause.

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